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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disco wine bar Epos club system

Few things sound as sweet to the ear of the club operator as the clatter of golden treasury coins hitting their cash drawer’s coffers. Although slashing out and spending money isn't quite as enjoyable as getting it, the advantages of Disco wine bar epos club system till terminal is one of the soundest investments an A1 club operator can make. Assuming your dance venue is busy, and you invest wisely, a decent Epos system will allow you to take more money, more quickly. The more clued up operators are looking at how, in the Brave New World of nightclub marketing, this pub bar cash register technology can be integrated with, entry network systems and membership databases to monitor their customers' spending habits and track the success (or otherwise) of particular promotions. Here Andy Cavanagh of Zonal Retail Data Systems gives an overview of the use of flat touch screen epos Systems in bar nightclubs.

The nightclub industry has in general been slow to adopt sophisticated point of sales electronic cash register Epos systems into its night life business profession. This has been because minimal trading time could not be seen to justify the expenses of full blown stock and accounting systems. A good pub epos club system till can cost anything from £1800 to £2500. This represents a considerable outlay on a piece of nightclub equipment that might only be for eight hours a week.First class reliable disco wine bar restaurant point of sale system for leisure hospitality industry The change in thinking has been brought about by the major operators. Its obviously important for plc’s to be seen to be taking all precautions to eliminate fraud and implement tight staff controls. The installation of a good quality nightlife hospitality Epos system will demonstrate to shareholders a commitment to good working practices, resulting in higher profit margins. The benefits of a first-rate electronic system are not only applicable to corporate club operators. Site management can utilize the increase in information to formulate business plans and react quickly to all unforeseen live music bar point of sale stock problems that may affect trade. Your cafe wine bar Epos electronic point of sale should be the site manager’s friend, providing them with up to the minute information inventory control spreadsheet and maximizing their profits.
Just over 10 years ago European Leisure companies made commitments to install a complete stock control and sales management system in to their estate. The chosen system enabled them to receive instant trading information at their head office whilst allowing the unit manager the flexibility to localize promotions at unit level.
Of particular importance in the nightclub industry is the recording of admissions numbers. Modern cash register point of sale equipment systems can record the number of customers in and out of the pub unit giving and accurate reading to the door control coupled with this, swipe card technology can be use for storing membership details of all customers building a database for mail shots and loyalty rewards.
Speed of service coupled with user friendly product tills are a must for the intensive nightclub environment. The best electronic point of sale system will combine all the technical technology today needed for the advanced and brand-new fresh marketing advancements with a till that is easy to use for serving people there Red bull drinks after minimal training time.
The best selling point of any retail hot food or drink shop counter system is the additional revenue return produced by tighter controls and better cool beverage stock leveling communication information with it’s IT inventory software exclusive facilities for retailers. The larger companies obviously generate a greater turnover so the benefits are realized almost instantly. The smaller independent operators are slowly coming to appreciate the enormous benefits to be gained from a shipshape quality system, although they may have to wait a little longer to realize a return on their investments.
In some respects the choice has been made easier for the independent nightclub owner. The large leisure companies have spent time and effort researching the best bar severing solution for their needs. The smaller operator can simply look at the systems in use by the major businesses and assess the best system for his needs.
The companies that last the longest in the epos point of sale trade are the ones that have a proven record in reliability. The operator must have confidence that the system he chooses will not let him down, and if he dose have a problem, that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently by a company that is not a shoestring operation and keeps his hours.
It’s traditionally known that IT computer companies have a reputation of working 9-5 Monday to Friday. When looking for pos sales and with the trustworthy advantages of EPOS provider, look for an exclusive leisure and hospitality industry specialist with a track record in the licensed trade.


EPoS has traditionally been used as a control tool to monitor pilfering, cash and stock and prevent charging errors at point of sale. Today disco bar Epos specialists Checkout Computer Systems have produced systems to help primarily managers and enterprise as a whole but in particular business development. The developments include loyalty cards, staff incentive schemes and even point of sale advertising. Checkouts also have a reputation for Epos innovation within the hospitality industry. They will soon be launching a new product in the UK, which they claim will be the world's first multi screen touch terminal, allowing for both advertising and live interactive customer loyalty this new product using the very latest PC technology integrates Smart Cards and Magnetic Swipe Card readers.Active Software touch screen pizza pos systems for disco nightclub bars or retail fast food cafe
To support this revolutionary new product Checkout has produced the Active Business Series with the Active Software Suit which has been constructed using the latest Microsoft tools including Web technology. Modular designed to gain maximum benefit, this new system gives the user the ability to manage every aspect of their disco wine bar club system establishment quickly and accurately giving them meaningful information on which important strategic business can be made.
Checkout's range of product offers many choices between hardware and tailored point of sale software system packages including Interactive Radio Handheld Terminals, Dispense Monitoring, Customer Designed Terminals, and Touch button server ID.


Clarity Retail Systems plc is making enormous headway in the club and late night market with their Loysys system currently installing at the rate of three systems a week. The main reason for this, says Clarity's Declan Petit is "We have been in EPoS for years and what is on offer is becomingly increasingly similar. What we offer to clients is very different. Our system tracks customer’s usage of the venue with instant reactions well as profiling and reacting to their spending habits on site.Disco wine bar Epos club system till terminal to take the door and bar serving money more quickly
Pettit continues "Loysys empowers our clients to be far more strategic and cost effective in their approach to retaining their customers and increasing their average spend. It gives them the cutting edge over their competition." It's a bold statement, but Pettit is strident in adding: "Loysys is unique. We have helped our clients gain 20-25% more income on the door in the first eight weeks, and that is before we even address the issue of drink income." Pettit maintains that Loysys can achieve even more significant cash gains in soft beverage expenditure by a few simple rules and, he adds, "some pretty smart software."

Pettit advises any live music club system operator looking at loyalty, both door and sales produce, to consider points-based packages as only the starting point in achieving growth in sales. "Whilst points are perfectly appropriate for a particular market segment - for instance supermarkets, late night operators know that promotion and reward must be far more compelling in a younger marketplace." He also recommends getting the soft drink suppliers involved in rewarding behind the bar. "You can give them the information they are currently spending millions to collate - e.g. who, when, what age, and in what volume. In return they can give significant support in rewarding both your customers and their own."


SPA Till Technology are specialist dance club system disco wine bar epos suppliers to the leisure industry with many years of experience in nightlife venues covering corporate giants like Rank Entertainments, theme pubs e.g. Waxy O Connors, live music venue houses e.g. Jumping Jake, fine dining (Gary Rhodes Restaurants) Italian style fast food diner (Pizza Piazza pos systems very abatable for the verity of cheese union tomato and spicy pepperoni topping ) bingo (Gala Clubs), whilst having a long and successful partnership with Uniwell hardware and retail pos software it is by an exclusive arrangement. SPA'S product range includes the Epson IR PC POS touchscreen with Power till retail software solutions Sharp's UP5700 PC POS touch screen pizza pos systems and so on.
Uniwell's major strength is the ability to provide total solutions that integrate the Point of sale with Back office and Head Office. Uniwell provide a range of public bar EPoS terminals from cost effective screen based terminals to the newest advanced touch screen technology. These have all been designed for reliability, speed and ease of use.SPA Till Technology are specialist disco wine bar epos suppliers to the leisure hotel industry
The PC EPoS terminal can be configured to suit different styles of operation such as a happy hour bar, luxury hotel restaurants or local corner shop pizza fast food establishments. Automatic price changes can be pre defined for happy hours and special promotions. Integration with best of breed third party products such as Customer-loyalty Systems, CCTV, EFTPoS and Cashless Payment Systems completes the point of sale solution.
At the heart of the system is the stockmaster a third generation stock control and management information system that has been designed for a 32 bit Windows environment. Stockmaster can be tailored to suit individual requirements depending on the complexity of he’s operation, A mixed estate of different cybertill epos terminals can be managed by back office and head Office software providing a cost effective solution.

The system can be configured to suit different styles of operation from a nightclub with multiples bars to a multi concept entertainment centre (e.g. the Rank's Leisure World located in Southampton England.). Multi Location Stock is ideal for simple stock checks by location (bars) whilst Multi Site Stock provides full stock results by location.
SPA believes a new breed of epos machines these products are on its way – one that will lead the field for the next few years. Many IT managers in the industry want to move to open systems over recent years there has been significant movement to PC touch screen EPOS architecture, albeit ironically most of these are working on a proprietary platform. The problem with
Open PC based systems say, running on an NT platform is the high cost of ownership compared to an EPROM (firmware) based product. The skill levels for open systems are greater as are initial costs, maintenance etc. This can make the cost justification a difficult element in the epos terminal business case.
Enter the new breed of EPROM based touch flat screen products which combine all the sexiness of their open peers speed and simplicity of operation at a relatively low cost for purchase and ownership. The first to be launch was the Sharp UP 3300 soon followed in April by Uniwell's offering It is SPA'S opinion that these products will lead the party sound leisure field or the next few years.
SPA can offer a total epos equipment solution, from procurement, cabling, installation, training, maintenance and consumables nation wide. Many of SPA'S staff have a food and beverage background and therefore can relate to customer problems and turn them into cost effective workable solutions.
One of the latest projects being implemented by a multi site company is the installation of Uniwell’s central Office Stockmaster retail software which will provide full product and price control from the centre with multiple price branding lookups. This approach will allow sites to retain flexibility on pricing but can be monitored at the centre to ensure they are not exceeding minimum or maximum levels.

SHARP ELECTRONICSSharp Electronics UP 3300 disco wine bar epos club system a full colour flat touch screen unit
Sharp Electronics has recently launched the UP 3300 disco wine bar epos club system a full colour flat touch screen EPOS terminal aimed at the hospitality leisure sector. Unique in the UK market, the UP 3300 is a parameter driven terminal which brings clarity and functionality of furnishing and set up procedures along with ease of use. A common sense menu driven structure to the programming software makes for speedy installation and set-up of the UP-3300, while Sharp's intuitive application software ensures the pos terminal is easy to use essential in the high labour turnover environment of restaurants, bars and clubs. "Everything about the UP-3300 is designed to make life easy at the point of sale, say Sharp "Its small footprint and optional integral thermal printer give silent high speed printing of receipts, orders and reports while making efficient use of valuable counter space. The sharp epos terminal is ergonomically styled with a 10.4 inch duty colour screen - using colour to group products together helps operators to enter transactions quickly and accurately.
The UP 3300 has extensive communications options to address a broad range of business requirements. In-line communications allows up to 16 terminals to be linked together on the same network, while on-line communications and an electronic journal capability allow the UP-3300 to be connected to back office software for sales analysis reports and input to accountancy packages.


Zonal Retail Data Systems are one of the leading epos cash register suppliers to the hospitality and leisure trade with a twenty year track record of providing systems solutions. Zonal provide a total solution for bars, disco wine bar epos club systems, restaurants, and hotels, incorporating cash, stock, promotional and staff controls with credit card, loyalty systems, and staff and labour scheduling.
Zonal customers include European Leisure operating the Hippodrome, Buzz Bar and a host of other venues throughout the UK. The McKenzie Group operating at the Brixton Academy through to Regent Inns with their Jongleurs concept and independent operators such as the Comedy Store.Pub epos club system the latest PC technology integrates Smart Cards and Magnetic Swipe Card readers
The Zonal solution offers automated central controls for products, prices, menus, and stock ordering. Utilizing data warehousing and EDI to analyze the sales data offering a demographic picture of your corporation and customer profile, Zonal's range of touchscreen and membrane terminals are designed to withstand the hostile hospitality environment. Complete equipment placing and positioning, training, development support and maintenance services 365 days a year throughout the UK Channel Islands and Florida USA.
So if you're thinking about epos advantages and stock control then Zonal have the expertise, electronic point of sale systems and solutions for your business.

In summary, when looking for a first class reliable disco wine bar restaurant point of sale system ask yourself the five following questions.

1. Dose the system use the most up to date emerging technology developments to enable me to expand my operations and update my point of sales software when necessary?
2. Is the club system pos hardware easy to use for my disco wine bar staff for serving drinks?
3. Dose the electronic point of sales system provide me with all the information I need to market my business and provide the controls needed to protect cash and stock?
4. Is my chosen provider of pos solution units a proven hospitality specialist with major existing clients?
5. Can my chosen supplier provide me with a service level agreement to match my needs and fit in with my hours of business?


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