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I am Richard from England. but now just party in Baguio City every night! I have stopped here in the mountains for close to three year now. Just doing web work html JavaScript and learning how to make educational Thomas the tank games online for children to play in day time. A lot of the internet production time I draw kids coloring page pictures and teenage worksheet activates, some times these clip art illustrations are taking me about 8 hours in Photoshop on each image to finish so they look good. I am really trying to make nice family friendly sites, the best web site for kids with fun things to do. Also my birthday party hire equipment company, dj lighting and disco sound pa systems..!

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The disco party dance sounds we can play at your big function night to keep the crowed moving to the beat with great dj and stuff top rock band tracks

Different vinyl types of musics we can play at your event partys the vast song playlists is from a very larger collection of 101 disco mania play list vinyls for turntable records CD's and dig musik equipment from the computer with specialized remixing software. The old time vintage vinyls go back to 1950 yes really we have some that old…! Dance disco karaoke, Rock and roll ,Hip hop, Rave, traditional Blues Bluegrass, Ballroom, Motown disco party,sequence dancing,school Children's party music, club trance music, trance, discothek 1980 pop songs, punk rock, funk baddy,classic jazz,1930s and 40s retro big band sound,techno, remixes house music, hip hop,electro, indie alternative, electronic music, 1970 disco, deep house,specialized dance, charts,birthday disco groovy funk,ricky martin salsa album, northen soul, heavy metal,rap,country and weston,classic R&B,mauro picotto, old skool, lots of Different Styles and tastes something to please all.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

akg d5 microphone OR akg d5 mic

DJ akg d5 microphone PICThis is my great review on the performance of an AKG D5 dynamic vocal microphone. After trying it out I was most imprested with the clarity and the frequency response. When going close to the speaker stack it did quit well before the feedback started to hum. This dynamic microphone is professional audio quality. akg acoustics have done a Fantastic quality job on this produced and it can give shure microphones a good run for the money. You can perchance a akg d5 microphone for about 70 pounds/ $140.

The main features are….

Extremely rugged vocal/speech microphone
Patented AKG Laminated Varimotion diaphragm
Spring steel wire-mesh grill
SA 45 Stand adapter and microphone bag included
Polar pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency range: 70 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 2.6 mV/Pa (-52 dBV)
Max. SPL: 147/156 dB SPL (for 1% / 3% THD)
Equivalent noise level: 18 dB-A
Impedance: <= 600 ohms Recommended load impedance: >= 2000 ohms
Connector: 3-pin XLR
Finish: Matte greyish blue
Dimensions: length: 185.2 mm (7.3 in.); diameter: 51 mm (2 in.)
Net weight: 340 g (12 oz.)
Shipping weight: 655 g (1.45 lbs.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Optikinetics solar 250 projector light

Disco hire projector light optikinetics solar 250 picIn the disco 70 the solar 250 was a totally new concept in disco lighting! The solar sound animator crates dynamic patterns, which respond directly to the mood of the music that you play. Designed for use with the optikinetics solar 250 or solar 100b projectors the sound animator is completely automatic in operation. Its visual response to music will captivate any audience. This carefully designed package incorporates a sound animator module a high-speed bi-directional prism rotator a flop prism and 2 special animator cassettes. The type of light bulb is a halogen lamp manufacture is Osram Xenophot M33 24V 250W with a Total light output 1200 lumens.Wheel for a projector light optikinetics solar 250 picThe sound animator accepts any sound input from 1/2 - 200 watts. An L.E.D. indicator monitors the response of the animator module and its two 12 volt accessory outlet sockets.Form way back in 1973 optikinetics lighting company have manufactured Over 70,000 units of the oil projector disco Solar 250. This is a great and very versatile projector light unit having a vast range of visual effects accessories, lenses and is well placed hanging on a theatre truss light trilite rig. See this and other optikinetics disco lighting effects demonstrated at your local dealer NOW!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disco chocolate

Cadbury Whisper Disco chocolate bar picWhy a Disco chocolate? Most of us that work on the discothèque seen it’s owe second job. So after your done a 10 hours shift in the day the go out too work in the Jacobs club bars and village dance hall venues the tiredness can get to you just a little. So it’s a good thing to have a Disco chocolate bar on standby to give you that disco candy sugar rush helping keep you in with the swing of things.
Now for a joke …..!
Why did the Wham star George Michael get chocolate all round his mouth….?
Because he was careless with his whisper.

I have included a picture of a Cadbury's Whisper Disco chocolate bar so people from counters that can’t perchance one can understand the joke.

Cloud disco master 1200.

Djmixer Cloud disco master 1200 frount panel pic.jpgHere we have a fine mixer disco master 1200 with 6 line / phono Channels and 2 mics Channels 1 on the back panel and the other sound microphone input with specific effects on the front off the Dj mixer. The Cloud disco master 1200 producer is of English 1A-quality manufacturing after 28 exceptionally successful years! The 6 channels have a nice simply switch in or out, 2 master outputs and 1 "+12 dB" Intensity Level output that is great for the applications of running a party disco sound-to-light controller unit.Dj mixer Cloud disco master 1200 back panel picThis cloud master 1200 is U6 in height 19 inch rack mounted suitable for a Flight case and The power – voltagers are 200-240V, 40-60HZ, 15VA- consumption. when new this unit will cost a about GBP500.00. This unit is the younger brother to the Cloud CXF mixer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Disco love

Disco love picLove and romance at the disco hall isn’t totally the best of things if you’re the DJ providing entertainment portal for a function night at a disco party bar. It will make you appear very unprofessional looking. So be very weary indeed of summer love you disco babes, which come crashing up to you after having too much love drink punch on the night, Spilling out ridiculers love poems and staggering about the place. If the girl is absolutely stunning, explain to the good lady that your obligation is the assignment of the kids party entertainment and don’t want to look improper and lax in your capacity of work. Get her phone number and meet her the next day, then get back to your most important task of frilling the crowed with your merrymaking & hot party planning of good sound tracks to play for the Saturday night entertainment.

Monday, July 13, 2009

USB Disco Ball

USB Disco Ball party globe
Well what can say about this flashy USB lighting Ball it’s more for the bedroom DJ setup, than a full-blown live stage set-up. The rotating lenses are illuminated by four 4 LEDs as you can guess there is no laser safety sticker required for this item nor a mig solar welding mask to look at it. I real am trying to think of some thinking positive to say about it…! It’s cheap and cheerful and a nice touch to get your party started right lets get for a small gathering in your home too do the 45 heather graham boogie nights, but for a crowed of 4000 people I find it to be a little lost and struggling to keep up with the grand occasion. This brilliance groovy toy ball gadget will cost you about $20.

Arc Line strobe lighting cool disco bar show

Arc Line we have 58 meter's blue 24 meter green 12 meters red and 10 meter's pink very nice to see up high on the trilite stage rig over the dance floor. Each one of the mode electronics 2m Arcline strobe lighting tubes has 4 strobelight xenons.

Bar band disco hire equipment Philippines Luzon branch.

martin disco light disco hire baguio city
martin voyager disco light baguio city baguio hire a dicso
2 Martin Voyager and destroyer stage searchlight Voyager is a projects flashlight through a color gobo wheel and onto a rotating disc reflector. The light is focused through an optical lens to create an changing lighting effect with colors changing to the beats, gobos and beam rotation mixing pattern to the beat of the music. The spinning disc creates a wide angle of light with streams of beams effectively filling the projection on dance the floor area . The Voyager has 19 gobos 11 full diachronic and 3 split dichroic colors + 6 white. The Voyager is totally self-contained not DMX, reacting in time to the beat without the need for an external control.
575 Krypton martin stage light disco hire baguio city lighting pic 12 units Martin Mac 575 Krypton lights 575 W discharge torch 2 x 8 position color wheels plus open Motorized zoom and focus Mechanical dimming 9 static and 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism, blue Flight Case
Optikinetics trilite truss frame for stage hire baguiocity disco pic
Optikinetics trilite stage frame Philippines hire baguio city disco pic

One of the leading providers of aluminium truss, lighting gantry, trilite, tri lite and lighting truss for hire in Philippines dj and disco stuff. The Optikinetics trilite Series 200 Truss frame rig H.4m * W.6m *L.7m is the original aluminium truss Structural system for stage lighting hire equipment. OPTI Trilite truss Series 200 is used in most Exhibition, Retail and Entertainment applications in England. This 200 Ladders Truss – Trilite is very strong and robust in its structure. The aluminium truss lighting gantry can be arranged into much different type of configurations for different set-ups e.g. Pinoy fashion show, a new product launch or a concert music live performance.

strobe lighting disco hire baguio city hire stock pic We carry in our hire rental stock a large selection of flood stadium lighting strobes for the disco hire equipment use in all your ultimate dance audition shows and for the best development staging production can provide, with quality colours flashing disco strobe lighting 24 units in stock and 300 meters of mode electronics arcline sys in 4 colors. Second hand vintage strobe light and new luxury club strobe light systems available for trilite mobile concert stage or bar resort installations.
peavey Hi Sys 15 black widow driver 350w RMS A pair of Hi Sys speakers, these have a 15" black widow driver that can handle 350w RMS or 600 w Peak. Good for small dj speaker or outdoor event dance shows and fashion paradise.
disco lights par 56 hire lights baguio disco pic Fully transportable in dj disco hire equipment flight cases the Pinoy live band lights par 64 1000W and par 56 300W flood cans 32 units of each. Good for roll and rock live band Philippines Luzon Island and Baguio city high up on a Luzon mountain.
Dj Showtec Galaxy 1200 Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light. Dj Showtec Galaxy, Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light.The Galaxy 1200 is a state of the art centrepiece with a bright HMI-1200SA bulb gobo wheel contains 7 glass colors gobo's, made by dj Showtec lighting.