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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nightclub fog machines the future is haze machines for theatrical lighting

Once upon a time in the land of vintage party decorations there was a cute little lamp called the Par36 it looked great in those spinning light helicopters and retro Kremesa cosmos ball disco effects . But something was missing. Another Woodbine or two and things really came to life. Soon it was realised that a little smoke was the all-important missing ingredient. And so began the story of the Pea soup heavy fog smoke machine industry well not quite.
As far back as the late Sixties and early Seventies the Hollywood American movie effects industry was converting bug sprayers into foggers which used oil based fluid for use in zombie horror special effects in there big screen action movies with search light backgrounds. These appliances were quickly proved to be less than good for the health of cast and crew alike. But what the heck, these were the psychedelic years when neither love or rock n roll were particularly safe, so who was going to care much about a bit of carcinogenic smoke.
By the time smoke technology special effects companies produces reached our nightclubs in the late Seventies thermally evaporated glycol based and glycerine based disco smoke machines were the norm. Although the birth of this technology was in America with the likes of Rosco leading the way, the United Kingdom quickly became the home of the disco smoke machine industry with companies like Le Maitre stage pyrotechnics and JEM smokescreen pioneering new standards in this technology. Around the same time a small Danish company by the name of Martin developed a popular range of mini smoke generators. Some of these companies stuck with 1970 disco smoke whilst others obviously moved on to bigger things.
The disco mist and theatrical flash pyrotechnics field has really advanced in leaps and bounds in recent times with many of the revolutionary prototypes which have been on show at exhibitions now fully developed. In particular JEM Hydrosonic range and Le Maitre's G300 are both have take the club and theater industry forward, with C-Beam and HOT technology a new generation of cleaner, healthier smoke effects, a little better the 1950 London-fog smog.
It was particularly encouraging that in both cases, after the prototypes have been exhibited, the companies concerned have gone out on the road to test the responses of end users. Their suggestions have then been listened to and incorporated into improved designs. Of course aside from all this ground breaking technology, there is still a huge market for more traditional smoke effects. Disco hire Philippines have compiled a small guide to the major players in the smokier side of the discotheque and theatrical lighting industry.
12 Nightclub fog machines the future is haze machines for performing live stage theatrical lighting
With so many low fog smoke machines to choose from where do you start in your search for the correct one for your venue room? Let’s Start at the End. What I really mean is what’s the end product that you trying to achieve with your unit. It s probably a simple case of making your dj roboscan custom Gobo rotating lights come alive, so too much smoke must be avoided to attain the best night club lazer lights show. Next consider the flow of air extraction or air-circulating system in the club. Your dj smoke machine must be able to maintain an adequate level of effect when fan extraction is set at maximum.
Now consider practical locations for the dance floor misting smoke machines. They are similar to your lights in as much as if they aren’t nailed down to the floor they’ll get nicked. So installation models are preferable.
Most leading manufactures of club special effects have available either dedicated installation smock systems or installation kit for portable models. Remember if you are going to install your smock machine twenty meters off the ground then some poor soul is going to have to climb one giant ladder to fill it up with haze fluid. A remote fluid supply system is a good idea in this case.
Most models of artificial smoke machines have more than enough output for most clubs and live drama theaters. However distribution of smoke is often the main problem. This is why multiples of instruments are often installed. You may also like to consider using one of a number of specially designed fans which are available for the purpose of getting your smoke around the venue. Some of these can be interfaced so as to operate in tandem with the smoke machine.
At present times not only are these units applied in stage decoration ideas at the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, but also use in residential security systems, fire training and some military applications.

Many venue operators are looking further than just filling their club with smoke to create the right atmosphere. Many an excellent lighting scheme meticulously programmed for maximum impact has been totally zapped by excess punching of the fog machine button. Thank you light jockeys everywhere some of you are great for smoke fluid sales.
The ideal medium for dramatic theatre light beam enhancement has proven to be subtle ambient haze, remember that woodbine effect. A huge range of theatrical haze machines now exists, some good some average and some fit for the bin. The secret to this perfect effect is to generate the perfect ambience from what the punter see as an invisible source. You should not be able to see the source of the effect only the effect itself Sounds simple yes, but how is it achieved.
Your lighting relies on airborne particles to reflect visible beams of Light. Haze machines produce the ideal particle but in too high a concentration. A Hazer scores by producing similar highly reflective particles, but the concentration is diluted by mixing the particles with air before expelling them from the contraption. The larger spacing between these particles allows a better projected beam of light. The output from the mist Hazer is much subtler than Smoke machines and so hazes are generally run at low output continuously. Don t worry about high fluid consumption. As a general rule, what goes in must come out, so higher the output, the higher the fluid consumption used. Hazes are lower in output and so fluid burning up is low.

Youtube vaporized air flow technology JEM Glaciator X-Stream smoke machine rental unit.
Although the type of smock technology in our wine bars and live entertainment cabaret clubs is pretty much the same as it always has been, great advances have been made in the area of temperature control and overall smoke control DMX input now features on many mechanisms. It is now fairly well known and documented that while these polyfunctional glycols are of the purest type, excessive overheating can cause this normally stable medium to show higher traces of formaldehydes. What dose these questions mean to the average nightclub punter well let us see. It means, quite simply that a quality brand of party smoke machine used with the manufactures recommended smoke fluid will reliably produce a harmless, residue free smoke. On the other hand, go to a club with a cheap smoke machine with poor temperature control, using a cheap incompatible smoke fluid oil and well it won’t kill your punters but they are most likely to suffer a sour throat and stinging eyes not good for your business.

Dry ice fog drops to the floor, aside from applying Dry Ice and Water as a special vapor-producing solution as a prom graduation decoration or a kids party fancy dress Halloween special effects, this technique is the most straightforward for the majority of performing mobile disco DJ’S, in conjunction with putting it into action as well as acquiring the relevant materials to use. The Dry ice smoke theatrical display is made from frozen carbon dioxide gas. You can formulate a thick ground covering low fog by inserting the dry ice into hot boiling water or kettle steam. The carbon dioxide Co2 gas gets vaporized, producing a covering blanket of white fog. With this express chilling down of the nearby venues atmosphere, it condenses the surrounding water-vapor in the air, inputting additional Halloween party effect to your spooky setting. Bear in mind, when bring into play the utilization of dry ice, this will dramatically swell the intensity of carbon dioxide in the rooms surrounding air anywhere that its employed. This carbon dioxide level is capable of presenting dangerous respiratory breathing hazards, downstairs ground floor applicable are really the only safe place to use this with a wide room enclosure, E.G a lager theatrical venue, having ample oxygen spaces, this will stop the light headed dizziness and shortness of breath of the acting performers, also only moderate quantities of dry ice to be released.

As far as a national legislation controlling the use of atmospheric smoke in venues the local authorities have opted to do their own chaotic thing with no real yardstick to WOM to the Health & Safety Executive does however advise of maximum exposure limits for the commonly used glycols in smoke fluids
When it comes to the overall technical standard and safety of smoke generating technology L.F.C.D.A London Fire and Civil Defence Authority produces a list of approved types. All stage haze machines on the list have to meet a minimum safety criteria which includes electrical safety temperature of outer casing, quality of smoke adequate control of smoke output adequate warning labels and simple, concise instructions for use. The only regrettable fact is that this list does not have better distribution around the counties and is not updated on a more regular basis.
National and international standards are just a distant dream at this moment but it really is in the interest of all involved from the manufactures and club installers to the venue operators, lighting jocks and punters who cop for a lung full every weekend.

New from Le Maitre is the Neutron Pro Hazer, winner of the Eddy Award for best lighting product. Its patented technology offers hazer smoke machine DMX compatibility and produces a pure haze using a patented sugar derivative that is odourless, clean and floats seamlessly into the environment. Its clean haze will not cloud the atmosphere or leave unwanted messy residue on expensive light fittings. The haze also complements lighting effects by framing the beams and letting the colours shine through.2 Nightclub Le Maitre mist machines great for Pinoy rock concert halls or huge outdoor live venuesThe Neutron Pro Hazer is also extremely cost effective to operate. Its special fluid retails at a lower price than traditional fluids and 2.5 litres will operate the pro Hazer for 100 hours compared to five hours running time in a traditional machine. Although there is a degree of maintenance required nothing more complicated than changing a light bulb Le Maitre claim the benefits of this product speak for themselves and can increase a venue's profits by 2000 pound for every 100 hours used. Other products in the Le Maitre range include the G300, G150, and G100 smoke machines, all of which benefit from the research and development of the Genesis patent. Le Maitre staged a seminar focusing on the Neutron Pro Hazer, at the PLASA Show in London.1 Le Maitre fog machines for discotheque and theatrical lighting small hand held mini smoke machine
For over 30 years Le Maitre has always been one to make a big noise explosive impact. Not exactly a shrinking violet of a company, they have rocketed to the top as special stage effects market leaders in bangs flashes with some of the loudest, brightest, most spectacular pyrotechnics available.
Le Maitre are also doing booming business on the smoke machine front, with a new generation of Genesis Technology mist machines to suit all manner of applications, for the smaller venue such as the mobile disco rental, small club with a disco light background or anywhere where budget is paramount, this popular range is just the ticket. Whether it s the Microfog or Red Devil, you’ll find each device is high on smoke-power without costing a packet to run. They’re also straightforward to operate and reassuringly reliable, producing thick, clean, non-toxic smoke.
On a larger scale is our Professional range, Robust and low-noise with a high-volume output, these appliances are an excellent way to generate magnificent light effects for TV, film, the theatre gantry lighting or larger discotheque halls. More powerful still are those designed to make an unforgettable impact at anything from Pinoy rock concerts to huge outdoor venues.
First, there’s the Mini Mist Genesis the leading compact hand held mini smoke machine and now more powerful than ever. Then there’s the very quiet Show Mist with its new heat exchange block variable output and clean dry white smoke Finally, there s the SP3 Genesis. A thundering step forward in high-output smoke technology, the SP3 is perfect for the larger, more spectacular application. What’s more like all its Le Maitre counterparts it carries a solid five year warranty.
Le Maitre is confident that their great innovation, the G300 range, will become their new standard in the smoke machine field. The G300 is a microprocessor controlled Dual Function Smoke Generator. Le Maitre's industrious R & D department spent two years developing the machine and then took a pre production model on the road to gain valuable feedback from industry end users. Using the feedback from the industry helped then to produce the most advanced potable smoke machine of its kind, lasting long into the future.
In its thick Haze mode, the G300 uses C Beam technology to produce Micro Haze a replacement for cracked oil effects. The High Power mode produces clean dry white non toxic smoke. Le Maitre is enormously enthusiastic about the product this G300 represents a great deal of hard work by the whole Le Maitre team. When it first came onto the market it was a totally revolutionary product, and having acquired a worldwide Genesis patent on the technology behind it. The main thing is its duality, with twin operating modes of smoke production. Another important aspect is its low pressure. Most smoke machines on the market today operate at extremely high pressure which often leads to temperature problems. The low pressure of the G300 avoids this problem.6 TV movie and stage theatrical Le Maitre haze machines with 0 to 10 vote DMX control compatibilityThe future of the smoke machines lies with the G300 type of unit and to this end they have now devoted the whole of the plant to its production. Birmingham business helped Maitre to develop the haze fluid which C Beam technology uses as an alternative to oil. They are totally knocked out by it. Whenever a sound and lighting Exhibition center show is staged the demonstrated G300 it has been an immediate success. Le Maitre also produce a wide range of traditional smoke machines including Red Devil, Power Mist, Mini Mist, Show Mist, and the LSX Low Smoke converter which converts the output of the Power-Mist or Smoke Processor into a low lying cloud.

The JEM fog from Spilsby in Lincolnshire UK, has made many land mark brand name furthermore has always been synonymous with innovation in the field of special effects. Products such as Heavy Fog, ZR22 DMX, ZR12 AL, Techno-Fog and Techno-Haze can be seen in action in major venues, night after night I around the globe.
The most recent addition to the JEM family is the Club Smoke System, which as its name suggests is an installation system dedicated to nightclubs.3 JEM smoke systems for graduation party decoration or kids fancy dress Halloween special effects Club Smoke comprises of two compact but powerful Smoke Heads, fitted with ceiling brackets for ease of installation. The fluid supply for both heads is stored in a Wall-Mounted Service Module, which may be conveniently positioned in the DJ booth to allow easy refilling. Up to 100 meters of the easy to conceal 6mm fluid line may be installed between the Smoke Heads and the Service Module. Automatic Electronic Low Fluid Cut Out protects the two high powered oscillating piston pumps from bum outs when run dry, a very common problem experienced in clubs and the most frequent cause of mist mechanisms failure. Club Smoke comes with an analogue timer remote and DMX Input and offers easy installation, simple maintenance, reliability and the guarantee of good smoke distribution. Soon to be released from the JEM stable is the AF1 DMX Fan; a system designed to aid the dispersion from conventional smoke machines. Finally, JEM smoke machine visual effects in conjunction with Martin lighting Professional announced the launch of a completely new range of Smoke, Haze and Heavy Fog Fluids, designed to make choosing the right fluid for your JEM or Martin Machine easier. Further details will be released soon.
5 DJ JEM Club smoke systems for live stadium band use and in the heavy fog range film applicationsJEM have been one of the largest companies devoted solely to the manufacture of smoke and pyrotechnic products, with an enviable international distribution network including names such as Clay Paky, Coemar Group One USA Show Technology and Cerebrum Lighting. Their innovative Hydrosonic machines use revolutionary HOT technology, originally revealed at club and disco PLASA exhibition, to produce a light enhancing optically reflective haze which is ideally suited to gobo moving head intelligent lighting systems.
The Hydrosonic HOT12G and HOT24G have completed six months of extensive preproduction evaluations in live theatre and nightclub environments throughout the UK. JEM s research team have analyzed responses and incorporated several new refinements. HOT technologies are destined to be the world’s first ecologically safe haze system. JEM’S current range of 30 conventional smoke and heavy fog machines also includes J1MK2, a powerful smoke machine aimed at mobile party discos Fogger Mk3 Zr20 MK2 Club 20 aimed at nightclubs, Smoke Detector, the thinking JEM smoke machine ZR41E a machine for high volume smoke production, the Series 428 a fully programmable 16 head machine, the Watercracker1200 which produces water based cracked haze the Roadie designed for live stadium band use and in the heavy fog range, HF 1000,1500/2500 and the fully programmable HF 6500.

4 ANTARI smoke machine Z 800 Pro units for theatre gantry lighting or larger party discotheque hallsAntari, now represented in this country with a dedicated UK sales office, manufacture the popular Z Series of fog generators, building on the established F Series of foggers and HZ Series of Hazers. The Z - 800 Pro Fog FX generators is the baby of the family, with 750W heater, ECO thermal control, Z-1 remote control, Z-4 optional timer remote, and Z-5 wireless remote. Other features include 4 minute warm up time, output of 3000 ft2 minute and 1.31 tank capacities. The Z-1000 has all these features, but with a larger 1000W heater, 5 minute warm up time, and output of 12,000 ft² a minute. Moving up the range, the Z-1500 Pro Fog FX generator has a 1500W heater, ECO II thermal control, DMX onboard; DMX channel set and display; Z-2 multi-functional LCD and its warm up time is 11 minutes. Out put 20,000 Ft² a minute and tank capacity 5l. Finally, the daddy of them all is Z-3000 Pro Fog FX Generator, will all the features of the Z-1500 but with 3000W heater, and an output of 40,000 ft² per minute.

7 High End Systems F 100 Performance Smoke Generator for rock concert and theatrical applicationsHigh End Systems manufacture three extremely effective smoke hazing machines, available in the UK through their distributors Light factor Sales. The F-100 Performance Smoke Generator is a high output unit, including variable output, with a 9.5 litre tank. The Cold-flow LC2 exchanger module provides a large output of cold and dry fog, 1-100cm from the surface, and with quiet operation is ideal for concert and theatrical applications. Finally, the Nebula uses a new cold solution agitation method to produce a subtle and effective haze. The haze producing fluid is organic and non oil based.
Lightwave Research, the research and development wing of American lighting manufacturers High End Systems, have developed two smoke products for use in the discotheque industry. The Coldflow is a safe silent and economical exchanger module which produces low level fog. Liquid carbon dioxide super cools a manifold through which the smoke passes. When used in conjunction with the F-100 Performance Smoke Generator, the Coldflow unit produces a low lying cloud of smoke which disperses as it rises. A seven foot supply hose and 25 ft detachable remote also come as standard. The Lightwave Research F-100 Performance Smoke Generator is a portable variable output smoke mechanism which produces a high amount of theatrical fog. Other features include an auto timer with duration and interval settings, optional forced air flow distribution system and a 0-10 v proportional analog trigger for variable output control. The appliance accommodates standard 9.5 litres of fluid in a removable reservoir. The unit is distributed in the UK by Lightfactor Sales.

The Effects Company now distributed in the UK by Technical Sound & Light, manufacture two particularly note worthy products. The Cirrus Low smoke generates a low smoke effect, is small, fits onto the front of a Super-smoke Machine and is attached to a Bar Gas Co2 cylinder, not the bulky immovable Dewar vessels. The C02 Jet System is connected to a liquid Co2 cylinder and produces a jet of white C02 that is programmable to move in two axes via a standard DMX controller and Datalink module that is an interface between up to 4 heads and the DMX controller. Each head uses 5 channels of DMX and the system may be infinitely expandable. Stepper motors control movement through 355 degrease pan and 230 degrease tilt.
9 The Effects Company Sound and Light DMX Supersmoke Mini 500 mobile disco and Club Smoke SystemBased in Crawley Down the Effects Co has vast experience the design and construction of smoke machines parts. Owner Martin Blake was a founding partner in Le Maitre and his wealth of knowledge is evident in the wide range of products in their folio. At the smaller end of the scale, the Effects Co produce the Supersmoke Mini 500 a compact high output fogger pictured right. Some other product in the Effects Company range, were first launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. The Cyclone 4000 Turbo Smoke Machine is a high power twin block machine with a powerful turbo fan boost Control is either via digital micro-processor or 0-10 volt DMX remote control. An internal five litre or external 20 litre fluid bottle can be used both with an electric solenoid valve automatic cut off in case of low fluid level. The machine also features low or high power mains heating modes servo control of turbofan power and thermal cut out of overheating pumps. The Effects Co also manufacture the Supersmoke 1000, the Cirrus Low Smoke and the Supersmoke 3000 Turbo.

Italian Lampo Low Smoke machine, distributed exclusively in the English by the company Batmink lighting produces, low level smoke without using dry ice or a heavy refrigeration plant by combining 2 fluids. Retailing at £1200 when new, the unit can cover an area of 150 square meters in approximately 30 seconds. The Lampo lighting’s Low mist is also relatively inexpensive simple and clean to use. Patents have been obtained for the fluids to ensure no one can copy the machine specifications.8 Italian Lampo Low Smoke machine can fog 150 square meters of nightclub in approximately 30 seconds

As well as their world famous range of intelligent lighting effects, Clay Paky lighting also make the Golden Fog Series of smoke machines, all of which conform to relevant EC directives. The Golden Fog DMX 2000 is fully controllable from any DJ DMX lighting desk and has the facility of manual or automatic operation. Power is 2000W, warm up time approx 5 minutes. The Golden Fog 2000 Auto is a manual and automatic model, also with 2000W power and 5 minutes warm up time, with continuous smoke emission. Control is via single 0-10 volt channel. Finally the Golden Fog 1000 is a manual model with continuous smoke emission low voltage remote control, 11 tank capacities and 1000W power.

11 Pro DJ Martin Professional lighting artificial hazing machine special effects for small wine barsMartin Professional started life as an artificial stage smoke machine manufacturer making gobo logo dj roboscan lighting for discos and theatrical special effects. The Magnum Pro 2000 employs microchip based equipment and a particularly calculated high temperature element for durability and dependability. The Magnum Pro2000 from DJ Martin Professional is the latest generation high performance smoke machine using microprocessor based technology and a specially designed heating element for prolonged existence and reliability.
Martin light and sound engineers looked at all the traditional problems associated with smoke machines before they embarked on the martin smoke machine Pro 2000 and set about overcoming them in the new design. A new and extremely long life heating electronic element was developed for the purpose In combination with the high pressure pump this delivers more smoke where you want it when you want it. The output of the device is variable and can be controlled over a wide range of pressures.The microprocessor control in harness with these other components not only ensures that the Pro 2000 won’t let you down it gives you extra controllability including auto timing and memory functions. The remote control is plugged into the back of the machine it can be removed from the artificial hazing machine and mounted in a rack system or placed on a table. The connection is made with a standard XLR mic cable One 5 meter cable comes with the machine Control is also possible via 0 10V analog from any standard desk. A slave facility allows an infinite number of add on units Electronic and mechanical re settable overheating protection is built-in so the Pro 2000 is a smart machine. The fog fluid which as with all Martin smoke machines is environmentally friendly non toxic and water based is contained in a high volume internal tank The machine comes complete with mounting bracket and carrying handles.
The Lighting giants Martin Professional originally started out as a smoke machine company and they have continued to match their progress in the intelligent lighting field with equally impressive smoke machine products. These mist machines range from the Fogger Junior 700 through to the Magnum Pro 2000. Also in between are the Magnum 1200 and Magnum 1600. The Fogger is the smallest product in the range and benefits from an auto reversing fog system which leaves the heat up temperature element clean after each fog emission. This means odourless fog and high reliability in everyday stage theatrical lighting use. It takes just one minute twenty seconds to warm up and will give 25 minutes worth of smoke emission from its one litre tank. Auto timer remote control, mounting brackets and a hose adaptor are also available for the Fogger Junior 700.10 DJ Martin Professional Magnum Pro 2000 uses microprocessor based technology in a fog mist machineThe Magnum Pro 2000 is designed for serious installation usage, with the latest in microprocessor technology and a one off individually heating element to ensure durability. Martin Professional's engineering team designed the Pro 2000 by identifying typical problems with conventional smoke machines and addressing them. The heating solution element pooled with a power pressure pumping component conveys enormous quantities of smoke with output controllable through a wide range of pressures. The Pro 2000 provides facilities for automatic timing emissions and also allows versatile remote control operation through a rack mountable device. Control can also be adjusted through standard 0-10 volt analogue setting. The full 9.5 litre tank will give nearly 50 minutes of smoke generation following a warm up time of between eight and ten minutes. All Martin Professional smoke fluid is water based and environmentally approved, available in a variety of fresh and fruity fragrances including apple, rose, mint, lemon and neutral.

13 Rosco artificial fog machine mist Alpha 900 and 1600 Designed specifically for clubs and discosSmoke and fog expert Rosco lab's newest artificial fog machine is the Alpha 900. Designed specifically with clubs and discos in mind, this party special effect combines high output with low price. Weighing less than 5Kg, the Alpha 900 is operated from a handheld remote control connected to the fogging unit by a 9m power cord. A litre container of Rosco fog fluid sits securely in a well, making the haze machine compact and portable. With maximum consumption of a litre of liquid an hour, you can be assured of a high volume of fog giving a dense white smoke. Compatible with the complete range of Rosco fog fluids, the Alpha 90 enables you to use Standard Fog Fluid or aromas from a scented range including Pine Colada, Tropical, Strawberry, Mint or Chocolate.

Nu Light offer a choice of two haze machines Laser Haze Mark I and Mark II. Hazers have the ability to create a virtually invisible mist to enhance light beams as opposed to clouds of dense smoke which is more preferable in certain environments.
The Mark 1 is a small yet powerful unit suitable for the small club or mobile DJ market. The unit contains no heater block, has a self priming pump and a solenoid controls the flow of the perfumed scented haze liquid. It is very compact and comes with remote control. On continual operation the unit consumes 0.2 litres an hour and holds a 1 litre fluid bottle.
The Mark II is suitable for the install or touring market. The unit uses a powerful axial fan and has a strong output, which projects some 8 meters. The unit has the same consumption as the Mark I but takes a 5 litre bottle and comes complete with remote control.

Youtube smoke machine repair video, showing you how to change your over to distilled water to clean your fogger machine for it 6 months servicing. A dirt free unit will provide much improved vaporizing and atomization of stage smoke machine fluid, inside the theatrical fogger unit’s heated chamber and a better oil solution flow thought the electric solenoid valve.

Q. Can I use cheaper fluids in my smoke machine?
A. Yes you can...but you will invalidate your warranty with the machine manufacturer, you will probably clog up the heat exchanger which is the most expensive component in the machine and you may risk the health of your audience. Cheap fluid is cheap for a reason. They often contain cheap grade glycols and have higher water content. The higher the water content, the quicker the smoke will evaporate, so it is a false economy.

Q. What about scented fluids?
A. They are available but please bear in mind the sense of smell is a very individual and personal thing. What smells beautiful to one person might smell ghastly to another. On a technical point, if you want maximum reliability from your smoke machine stick to neutral fluid. Excessive use of perfumed fluid causes excess of carbon and can clog the heat exchanger.

Q. What about fluid which contains dyes?
A. You may come across smoke fluids that are green, blue or red. The manufacturers do this for identification purposes but these can permanently damage your haze machine. The dye can turn to a sticky brown substance when submitted to the high temperatures of the heat exchanger.

Q. Are smoke machines safe to hang from a ceiling or truss?
A. Of course, as long as they are properly installed by a professional. A drip tray should be fitted to the front of the machine as a precaution against hot condensation dripping from the output nozzle. Avoid installing over people's heads whenever possible. Also bear in mind that the smoke will be raising with the ambient heat generated by the active bodies on your dancefloor and so your smoke coverage may be restricted to the upper levels of the venue.

Q. How do I prevent the pump in smoke machine burning out when it runs dry?
A. Either you can install a smoke machine with a low fluid detection system which cuts the power to the pump as soon as it runs dry or fit a split smoke system where the smoke head is installed in the rig and the service module containing the fluid is installed at ground level in the DJ booth.

Q. How do I prevent my machine from clogging?
A. Start by only using the manufacturers' recommended brand of fluid. Secondly flush the machine out with distilled water from time to time. Replacing the regular fluid with a bottle of distilled or purified water does this not tap or mineral water then operates the mist machine for twenty to thirty seconds. Finally avoid using coloured or heavily perfumed fluids and part used bottles of fluid, which have been in storage for a long time. The latter may have been significantly changed in concentration due to evaporation.

Q. Why does the smoke in my club leave a residue?
A. You are probably using the wrong fluid in our nightclub smoke machine. Different manufacturers set their machines to vaporise at different temperatures. The amount and type of glycol in the fluid will determine the vaporising temperature. If the temperature is not high enough, then the smoke produced will be wet and leave a greasy residue. If the temperature of your machine is too high then this overheating results in bad smelling smoke, sore throats and stinging eyes.

Q. Why do I get such a sore throat at exhibitions?
A. Yes, we've all been there and had exhibition throat. By about day three or a four day trade exhibition the old throat starts to suffer and you become vocally challenged. But consider the acts. The level of smoke in an exhibition hall seldom exceeds that experienced in an average nightclub. It might be true to say that there may be one or two smoke machines badly calibrated that are overheating the fluid, but the real cause of exhibition throat is more likely to be trying to conduct business from a stand in close proximity to a 20K discothek sound system . Four days of talking to customers a forced level is bound to do some damage. That's right let the noise boys take some of the blame for a change.


  1. The birth of this technology was in Germany!
    1973 Günther Schaidt
    In Hollywood he get an Technic Oscar.

  2. The birth of this technology was in fact in Britain with CF Taylor in the mid 1960s.

    1. CF Taylor make smoke with Oil. Very Dangerous!
      Günther Schaidt is the Inventor of Smoke Fluid.

      Cheers waveform1

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