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I am Richard from England. but now just party in Baguio City every night! I have stopped here in the mountains for close to three year now. Just doing web work html JavaScript and learning how to make educational Thomas the tank games online for children to play in day time. A lot of the internet production time I draw kids coloring page pictures and teenage worksheet activates, some times these clip art illustrations are taking me about 8 hours in Photoshop on each image to finish so they look good. I am really trying to make nice family friendly sites, the best web site for kids with fun things to do. Also my birthday party hire equipment company, dj lighting and disco sound pa systems..!

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You have a very strong desire to develop your own style under the flashing fal disco lights. Our Learn To disk jockey Now videos will start you off with the basics of scratching and mixing. Ill Vibe Collective will show you, in the simplest of terms, how to break down and identify the best parts to scratch on a record. Click Here to get your dj downloaddj and disco stuff computer music
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101 disco mania play list remixs what we can play

The disco party dance sounds we can play at your big function night to keep the crowed moving to the beat with great dj and stuff top rock band tracks

Different vinyl types of musics we can play at your event partys the vast song playlists is from a very larger collection of 101 disco mania play list vinyls for turntable records CD's and dig musik equipment from the computer with specialized remixing software. The old time vintage vinyls go back to 1950 yes really we have some that old…! Dance disco karaoke, Rock and roll ,Hip hop, Rave, traditional Blues Bluegrass, Ballroom, Motown disco party,sequence dancing,school Children's party music, club trance music, trance, discothek 1980 pop songs, punk rock, funk baddy,classic jazz,1930s and 40s retro big band sound,techno, remixes house music, hip hop,electro, indie alternative, electronic music, 1970 disco, deep house,specialized dance, charts,birthday disco groovy funk,ricky martin salsa album, northen soul, heavy metal,rap,country and weston,classic R&B,mauro picotto, old skool, lots of Different Styles and tastes something to please all.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

DJ rope light & colored rope lights.

DJ Rope Lights Don't be fooled by the cheaper manufacturers versions of these string lights get a strong chasing rope light display unit of a good quality make, get your self the best rope light you can find on the market, with safe dj rope light connector system not a discount unit which will only last you a short time of hiring out, the disco rope lights come in many grades of quality the good the bad and the ugly.Quality DJ Rope Lights many colored RGB LED DMX tubes You are not limited to just a traditional white led rope light there is a wide selection with many specialize colored rope lights, red, yellow, green, pink rope light. And even rgb led rope light technology. The led ropelight mostly comes with its own DJ rope light controller or if dmx can link in to the lighting system software. We are utilizing a rope light blue and green it is decorative tube lighting that is made with series of miniature LED's ( rope light 150 dmx led track lighting) and a Clear rope light 4 Channel chasing strobe effect, for party decor rental work jobs indoor and outdoor use. I see many people using colored rope lights as outdoor Christmas lights commercial grade rope light is a ideal tool the aplication for lighting building outlines, food pizza restaurant lighting, a good finishing touch for the design of door canopies or entrance walkways for creative illuminations, rope neon for tree light fiber optic ropes there is a myriad of special effects display ropes for xmas lights.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The mirror ball a shiny ball on your disco is a disco party ball mascot.

The DJ ball a glass mirror ball lighting it shiny light of narrow light beam projecting it vintage still pattern across your party venue. The mirror balls have been used in the disco lighting industry right from the begging of time. This is why we have a pink mirror ball as the web site logo this shiny disco ball is the thing that make every one in the world think of a disco.
The best way to display your mirrored disco balls is to have it placed as high as possible on your stage framework and to be illuminated by par36 light the pin spot light its best to place the pinspot bulb about 2-3 meters away from your disco mirror balls for a great color changing shiny light display is a combination of the led pinspot and three par38 light this want to be about 1 meter away from a mirror ball so it only covers the working area not the rest of the room. Then run all pinspots lights on a control like mode electronics that will support inductive load and dimmers light functionality. A nice enhancement to put on the silver mirror ball with its neonlight circular rings going round on it or none as Saturn rings. This is only suitable to do in Permanente lighting installations rigs.The powered mirror ball motor its a good idea to pick a faster disco ball motor because you can run it of a dimmer circuit to obtain the speed you require to fit the mood of the party i.e. you don’t want your shiny disco party ball looking like its going to take off in to orbited while the slow songs are playing. For the end of the night it’s good to have your laser system with single narrow light beam fixed on the disco balls and also any DMX target mirror lights pointing. Taking care of your mirror ball on the way to the gig, get a box and some sponge, its one item you can’t have lose in the back of your van or it will just get smashed. Cleaning the disco ball mirrors glass with a soft cloth similar to the sort of cloth you get in glasses case with some alcohol on it, don’t press down too hard or the small mirrors may come unattached. Where to buy your shiny disco balls from, well, every DJ shop will sell those disco balls for sale. Now you have all this information, your ready to start your mirror ball party.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Club stage lighting stage lighting truss

If you are putting on a corporate convention show fashion show event pantomines or TV show for free industry fashion.
disco SOUND HIRE disco's stage lighting truss picPhilippine hire disco is Philippine's hire No. 1 in stage lighting trusses aluminum frame and theatrical stage lighting special effects. We can supply Stage pyrotechnic system spot lighting stage lighting video screen to display your events show background logo.
Each time we go to a new venue the stage lighting how to setup the staging lighting sound system hire will be customized to your theater stage lighting kneads and specifications. We try to give you the ultimate disco party feel with sound stage lighting equipment all from England. Trusses aluminum frame can show festival style of lighting lights and large illumines spiders web shows up under the ultraviolet lights. If you have any questions about owe stage supply department. Please don’t hesitate to contact use.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sound equipment & audio equipment to making the best sound system to use!

After reading through many books on acoustic loudspeaker design and enclosure construction and talking to loads of people that had sound system rental shop, people in (R&D)research and development departments of speaker manufacturers speaker re-coning companies Audio sound system installation engineers. I setout to make the very best sound rig that could be made using a mixture of sound equipment from many manufactures electronic component suppliers to attain richer sound without excess equalization.Cloud Electronics sound hire baguio
The amplifiers are mostly cloud amps (Cloud Electronics Ltd 140 Staniforth Road Sheffield Yorkshire S9 3HF, UK) these are very high quality amplifiers there old range GS & CS250 ranger really nice I have change the output driver stage transistors for a hire wattage rating and increased the capacitors on the power supply. Then I put a small power supply to run on top of the main supply which incorporates two rectifying diodes to feeds the main supply. The Cloud CS amplifier is class B push pull but the crossover distortion in very small. Doing this changer to the amps is like putting a turbo charger and nitrous oxide kit on a car. My DJ mixer in a Cloud 600 with the graphic equalizer unit built in its case.
Next in line is Behringer studio denoiser single ended noise reduction NR system this just gets rid of the hissing sound to give the finest sound quality to your musical performance. The Behringer denoiser is one of the older models but it dose what I want it to do. disco Behringe studio noiserNext is a BBE Sonic Maximizer this gives a High Definition Sound with full range and rich bass response bass boosting putting a natural clarity to the performance it give the records live sound effects.bbe sonic maximizer disco You can clearly tell when you switch this unit in and out. This then feeds into the Cloud 3 way active crossover. Audio crossovers serve the purpose of splitting the audio signal into there own separate frequencies bass woofers 400Hz midrange 2000 Hz and the higher frequencies which go to there own individual amplifiers amplifying there different frequency ranges. Doing this will give about +3Db of gain. For this part, six sound amplifiers are needed. The sound should be divided for the wattage 60% bass 30% midrange and only 10% for the top end frequencies.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Panic At the Disco Panic

Panic At The Disco Lyrics Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes off

Rock band lighting and stage lighting GAMMA Synchro Flower

When doing a big stage hire there are not much better lights you can get than the GAMMA Synchro Flower and its twin light GAMMA Sun Flower. I bought my first one of these lights the sun flower from (EMSL) East Midlands sound & light in Unit 21 the Old Malthouse Springfield Road Grantham lines. It was second hand and very broken! It tuck me a long time to restore the disco light to it full working order. Shortly after this I found an ex-disco hire Synchro Flower with it light controller 19" 2U in Stewart’s audio and vision in Rushed Northamptonshire. The sun light needed a repair job doing on it but all the part to fix it were present and a spear ribbon cable for the controller. Stewart’s audio Install & Repair Disco Equipment Retail shop was a small disco equipment supplier shop but full of very good sound equipment with high turn over of PA Systems, Amplifiers, lighting, Speakers. It was very hard to go in there and not come out the door with a new part for your mobile discotheque.disco light bagio city disco hire philippines synchro flower
It was one week to fix the Synchro Flower and link the sun Flower to the controller but after very nice. These club lights are properly the best flower lighting in the disco industry because of the size of the optics 6 inch glass focusing lenses 10 inch mirror dish but each mirror is a lenses mirror fare better than all the others that use a normal mirror on the reflector dish. This light not a small light at all Size: 700W x 500D x 400Hmm Weights: 15Kg. now I have more time to do things I am going to put a second color wheel in to the light and make a x. y. scanning mirror on the front of. I may use a bathroom mirror the one with two different focuses on it putting a servo just to give a 180 degree flip on the mirror. These light doses not have gobos our dichotic glass but the optics in it is so good it can bets all the modern day lighting with its 250 watt halogen bulb. I might change the bulb for a HMI 1200 but that mite be a little bit over the top. For large lighting stage setups and concert lighting the Gamma’s are one of the best in the disco industry. I don’t think that any of the sound system rental businesses in the Philippines will have this light it was hard to find in England. This is a really nice lighting affect to have at your birthday party or at a rock band playing live music in the city of Baguio.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Disc jockey turntables the Technics 1210 Mk turntables

One night I was doing the stage lights & sound hire for a big wedding at Hubert’s bridge Community Centre Hall. And the Fal ranger disco decks decided that one of it Turntables want to play slowly so I was really down to just one Turntable. My friend quickly swap over the records whilst I spoke over the microphone that was the night I got good on the mic..! I fixed the Fal decks the next day. But after that nights Public Address work they were going it to semiretirement to live in the back of the van as a spare part. PAIR OF TECHNICS 1210s
The sound system and music equipment rental shop Yates & Greenhough of 11 Emery Lane Boston, Lincolnshire. Is where I bought my 2 X Technics 1210 MKII DJ Turntables from! I think I was one of the first people in Lincolnshire to have ever bought them. The mark 2 Technics deck had not been released that long when I purchased my set. This is the Industry standard in the DJ world of Turntables Technics 1210 Mk II are superb working tools for any mobile disco to have in it inventory of audio equipment with a pitch sliders +8 and -8. I installed STANTON 500 Styli Needles on them. Technics have brought out the Technics 1210 MK 5 now I have not had the chance to play with one of them decks yet but one day. And I bet it does weigh the same there about 15Kg. there seems to be nothing light in the disco world and there’s always lots of steps to climb up to get in to the venue to do some ones kids party. But I don’t really mind the heaviness of all the sound equipment at least I know it’s of high quality professional standard DJ equipment. That’s the only way to run the sound system rental business.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Disco sound system getting better

disco red vanThe next thing to get for my mobile disco was a van to move all the hire equipment about I look run all the local car and van rental shops in the end I went to Lewis and Kimes of station road kirton and bought a Vauxhall 1972 Bedford 2.3 Petrol CF in good condition painted fire engine red. The van was also good for van hire doing small jobs for people if they wanted any thing moving about but its main job was for disco equipment sound system transportation.

One of the next things I found was a big light box for only 15 pounds the money was out my pocket in a flash to get that at that price. It was to be my center piece of the roadshow. On the same day I got my hands on a scaffold tower I found the advert for that in the paper the Boston standard. NJD 4004 DISCO
The sound rental was going ok now so I went to the National Westminster bank to get a loan then to the disco retailers to spend it all on the newest lighting equipment some was new and some second hand. The main center piece was a Lampo whirly wheel one, with three motor axes. A NJD 4004 light controller four channel switching and four channel chasing. 8 par 56 lights in black with mounting bracket. 240Volt mains connection Bulbs colored gel filters included 8X PAR 36 Lights all in one case. Par 36 six head helicopter and 2 hex beams. I was give a old mirror ball but I had no motor to make it spin round slow I got a printer motor and ran it of a Hornby train transformer It went round so fast that people would find it funny.
disco disco disco's pic

Friday, November 21, 2008

light rentals top lights in there day.

super high_light strobe disco hire pic24 years ago these lights were very cool mobile disco Hire-Rental units. The strobe was a kit for an electronics company in London! London trading Co it was a “super highlight strobe!” consuming 9 joules of power per flash. That was the newest most powerful strobbing technologically Equipment you could bye then for your Lighting system. The only thing was! The strobe light came in kit form and you hade to solder it all to getter this was no problem for me to do at all, I hade been show how to do electronics from about 7-8 years old. I knew to be very carefully when making up the PCB (printed circuit board) because the trigger coil was 4700 volts on the output trigger. There are other nasty parts in there as well electrolytic capacitors 600 volts DC. You can look at an ark welder longer then you can look at this strobe. When running strobes you have to look round the room for epileptic people. 7 Hz is not good run you strobe at.! DJ don’t set your speed to 7 Hz and only run for 7 seconds.disco fuzz light blue color
Disco fuzz light, blue police light this was made by a company called Mc Coremet the fuzz light moflash rotoflash. With 150w bulb giving high-quality Distributor of light I hade two of these one green color the other blue. Top quality Club & Nightlife Equipment in it time and they still work. To this day..! 24 years of work and still going strong Made in England not a cheap copy…………..!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mobile DJ scanner lights. & Carlsbro prosound

disco scanner light baguio hire
One of the next things to go and get from the disco Install & Repair shop in Wisbeach Cambridgeshire was to bye was 4 Mobile DJ scanner lights par 36 scanners with a 13A plug fitted to each then I wired then to NJD 4000 four channel lighting controller and fixed in colored plastic jell filters to each scanner mounted then on a nice peace of wood and put a bulging.
loudspeaker enclosure design and construction for FaneIn the same week of getting the scanners I when into Terry’s music equipment shop in Boston and saw a Carlsbro pro sound 15inc drivers sub woofers approximately 500 watts RMS 8 ohms impedance it was a Dutchport design. I had originally gone in there to perchance a book on loudspeaker enclosure design and construction for Fane loudspeaker drivers. that shop were manly suppliers of music & sound equipment form bands not really for disco’s but every 6 or so weeks there wood be some thing good in there for the disco but nice to go there to get a part if I needed a jack lead or some thing like that.So that was it! I came out of the Terry’s music shop with the book and the very large Carlsbro speaker cabinets. It was Time to go home and test the Carlsbro with my Fal 12inch speaker. After the wiring up the new speaker well second hand! it hade been used by a rock band before I had Bought it off the music shop. There was very big difference in the acoustic sound I had to turn down the bass on the amplifier it was starting to really sound quite good.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It was Time to make a disco light box.

I ask my Dad to go and pick up the sheet of Perspex I had to bye a 4*8 feet peace I remember it was very expensive. I and my Dad cut it down in to two 3*3 feet pacers to make the two light boxers I wired up the boxers into 3 channels got some recess handle from maplin electronic shop to put on the side of the disco lighting boxer with 2 bulgin 8 way plugs on the back and a coat of mate black paint. My stage lights & sound rental business was starting to take place. I hade many planes to make it a professional road show for doing Light and PA Hire. The next week after finishing the building of the boxers I hade got an outdoor sound equipment PA job with an accompaniment from a local rock band. Time to give my new light box the big test “YES” they worked very nice lighting most of the grass where the people were dancing. That night I started the show my friend how to work my Fal disco decks Darren Grooby I left him for a couple of mints so a could walk down the field to have a look from a distance. I can still see that seen in my mind every time I hear the YMCA playing. We side goodbye the band started the pack away the sound equipment into this old red white and blue caravan that thing an embarrassment and a advert all in one wish I had a picture of it to put on here. My goodness what a sight it was! But you could put loads of sound equipment easily into it accommodating the stage lighting and an old armchair with no problem..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why did I start my disco?

Frampton Farm boston lincsI was at the age of 15 years old working on a Frampton farm in the nights and on school holidays.One of the women that were picking cauliflowers next to me did say that she wanted to rent a disco for her sons 18th birthday party function and how much it was to hire a mobile disco eighty pounds for 4 hours. We were working 12 hours on the farm for forty pound in 1984 but that 40 pound a day was very good money at that time.! So I think 4 hours for two days money wow…! That day all I could think about was starting a disco stage lights & sound equipment hire rental service so I start to ask the women what did the discos do and what discos offer why they were good or bad disco’s.
That night I go home and look in the local paper the Boston Target then find advert for a disco for sale. 150 pounds so I phone up the number. And that night me and my dad go to Boston in the car to the address of mans house to look at the music equipment. That night was the time I first met Mr. Stewart Dixon He was selling his second Sound & Lighting hire unit. I look at the Fal disco decks 150watts, two Fal 12*2 inch speakers and pulsar light controller I like them so I bye it. fal ranger disco decks 1210 disco hire pic3 channal disco lightThem Stewart started to tell me what you had to do to run a good disco! ”I am doing a disco hire this Saturday at the old hospital do you want to come along and see what I do”. So I get my Dad to take me in the car to Boston on the Saturday to the old hospital. I go in to find a very big professional road show disco setup. That night Stewart starts to teach me how to run a mobile disco hire service. After that I went along with him every night he did a disco rental. I don’t think I could have got a better DJ as teacher to show me the ropes of running a disco. Mr. Stewart Dixon was an exceptional high quality professional disk jockey.
After a couple of weeks I get my first sound rental job was at hedgehog bridge center for the venture scouts party for only 15 pound but was ok and the night when well did not have many records them. The scouts most of them had brought along one or two of their own records that they wanted to be played.
After about two more weeks my friend Stuart had a double bucking for the disco. So Stuart past me the job of a children’s party at Gosberton Spalding church hall. That night my friend from school Darren Grooby came along to help me with the disco 7-9 o’clock at night I got forty pounds for the night. I was so happy my sound equipment hiring it was starting to work.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Carnival of Light and sound

Carnival of Light and sound
If you plane a Carnival or a fiesta in your province we can bring the best light and sound to your party playing every thing from Sir Paul McCartney Beatles tracks to ELO Electric Light Orchestra .Lighting for carnival rides and floats or just a stage set up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

BAGUIO sound and light hire LCD Polaroid Screen projectors

BAGUIO sound and light hire  LCD Polaroid Screen projectorsPart of the sound and light hire, we use LCD Polaroid Screen projectors
Deliver crystal clear images on a size of 16*12 feet
With advanced optical engineering and scanner head perfectly designed
So we can bounce the image round the room. It running on 2 pc's networking with video cross fading to deliver brilliant cyber graphics image affects.
This is a great feature when hire out sound and lighting to have video playing on stage behind the band or above the DJ at your party.
Corporate company’s school and speakers this is a very useful tool enhancing your presentation appears better and more professional looking.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

laser hire in baguio city philippines coming soon

DJ Philippines Professional Entertainment laser hire 3D lighting equipment rental RGB system2*8W RGB LASER SYSTEM equipment rental
Thay are still in England! but I will have them sent to Baguio City soom.! Its just got 1 or 2 more music show laser hire jobs to finish in the UK and them the two outdoor disco laser light equipment rental units are comming on a ship. The first thing I am going to do when they get here is wright my name in the clouds. That is the best way of doing a addvert for Pinoy music live band work or large corporate events party .The sky will have 3D lighting you can only do this with 2 laser on a gridsink full color lighting system.
Outdoor lighting philippines lasers to soundOutdoor lighting Philippines lasers to sound for Pinoy music live band work and corporate events
Dj disco sound and laser hire in Baguio city pro sound show audio for live rock band music nights
RGB Full color Dj equipment Philippines Luzon pro laser setup disco equipment rental

Thursday, November 6, 2008

see this dj directory site

One thousand cool web sitesGrid1000 one thousand sites make yours one of them
One thousand cool disco web sites, join the Grid 1000 it is free to enter on this site. It is sample to work, just send use your blogs info to your site and a URL blog logo image 50*50px so we can enter your picture to the hot dj directory list, so you can get some work for you rental rig.

Arc Line strobe lighting cool disco bar show

Arc Line we have 58 meter's blue 24 meter green 12 meters red and 10 meter's pink very nice to see up high on the trilite stage rig over the dance floor. Each one of the mode electronics 2m Arcline strobe lighting tubes has 4 strobelight xenons.

Bar band disco hire equipment Philippines Luzon branch.

martin disco light disco hire baguio city
martin voyager disco light baguio city baguio hire a dicso
2 Martin Voyager and destroyer stage searchlight Voyager is a projects flashlight through a color gobo wheel and onto a rotating disc reflector. The light is focused through an optical lens to create an changing lighting effect with colors changing to the beats, gobos and beam rotation mixing pattern to the beat of the music. The spinning disc creates a wide angle of light with streams of beams effectively filling the projection on dance the floor area . The Voyager has 19 gobos 11 full diachronic and 3 split dichroic colors + 6 white. The Voyager is totally self-contained not DMX, reacting in time to the beat without the need for an external control.
575 Krypton martin stage light disco hire baguio city lighting pic 12 units Martin Mac 575 Krypton lights 575 W discharge torch 2 x 8 position color wheels plus open Motorized zoom and focus Mechanical dimming 9 static and 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism, blue Flight Case
Optikinetics trilite truss frame for stage hire baguiocity disco pic
Optikinetics trilite stage frame Philippines hire baguio city disco pic

One of the leading providers of aluminium truss, lighting gantry, trilite, tri lite and lighting truss for hire in Philippines dj and disco stuff. The Optikinetics trilite Series 200 Truss frame rig H.4m * W.6m *L.7m is the original aluminium truss Structural system for stage lighting hire equipment. OPTI Trilite truss Series 200 is used in most Exhibition, Retail and Entertainment applications in England. This 200 Ladders Truss – Trilite is very strong and robust in its structure. The aluminium truss lighting gantry can be arranged into much different type of configurations for different set-ups e.g. Pinoy fashion show, a new product launch or a concert music live performance.

strobe lighting disco hire baguio city hire stock pic We carry in our hire rental stock a large selection of flood stadium lighting strobes for the disco hire equipment use in all your ultimate dance audition shows and for the best development staging production can provide, with quality colours flashing disco strobe lighting 24 units in stock and 300 meters of mode electronics arcline sys in 4 colors. Second hand vintage strobe light and new luxury club strobe light systems available for trilite mobile concert stage or bar resort installations.
peavey Hi Sys 15 black widow driver 350w RMS A pair of Hi Sys speakers, these have a 15" black widow driver that can handle 350w RMS or 600 w Peak. Good for small dj speaker or outdoor event dance shows and fashion paradise.
disco lights par 56 hire lights baguio disco pic Fully transportable in dj disco hire equipment flight cases the Pinoy live band lights par 64 1000W and par 56 300W flood cans 32 units of each. Good for roll and rock live band Philippines Luzon Island and Baguio city high up on a Luzon mountain.
Dj Showtec Galaxy 1200 Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light. Dj Showtec Galaxy, Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light.The Galaxy 1200 is a state of the art centrepiece with a bright HMI-1200SA bulb gobo wheel contains 7 glass colors gobo's, made by dj Showtec lighting.