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I am Richard from England. but now just party in Baguio City every night! I have stopped here in the mountains for close to three year now. Just doing web work html JavaScript and learning how to make educational Thomas the tank games online for children to play in day time. A lot of the internet production time I draw kids coloring page pictures and teenage worksheet activates, some times these clip art illustrations are taking me about 8 hours in Photoshop on each image to finish so they look good. I am really trying to make nice family friendly sites, the best web site for kids with fun things to do. Also my birthday party hire equipment company, dj lighting and disco sound pa systems..!

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The disco party dance sounds we can play at your big function night to keep the crowed moving to the beat with great dj and stuff top rock band tracks

Different vinyl types of musics we can play at your event partys the vast song playlists is from a very larger collection of 101 disco mania play list vinyls for turntable records CD's and dig musik equipment from the computer with specialized remixing software. The old time vintage vinyls go back to 1950 yes really we have some that old…! Dance disco karaoke, Rock and roll ,Hip hop, Rave, traditional Blues Bluegrass, Ballroom, Motown disco party,sequence dancing,school Children's party music, club trance music, trance, discothek 1980 pop songs, punk rock, funk baddy,classic jazz,1930s and 40s retro big band sound,techno, remixes house music, hip hop,electro, indie alternative, electronic music, 1970 disco, deep house,specialized dance, charts,birthday disco groovy funk,ricky martin salsa album, northen soul, heavy metal,rap,country and weston,classic R&B,mauro picotto, old skool, lots of Different Styles and tastes something to please all.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to laser light with disco outdoor lasers

Anyone who witnessed a fantastic colorful outdoor laser display at the opening of show or a pop festival event, do you ever wonder how to laser light your venue with head moving target mirror and reflection mirror balls to make a sure fire winner in its danec club show entertainment category of nitelife.

How to laser light with disco outdoor lasers mobile dj hire equipment stock on a rock concert nightIt’s of most importance to get a safe and good club laser system from a reputable established company like Tarm colorful outdoor lasers of Germany to install in your bar club paradise resort. This is the high stranded level that all the PA system Philippines disco sound lighting rental companies should be striving to reach in there mobile dj hire equipment stock.How to use nightclub laser system with head moving target mirror and mirror balls at a live venueTarm after several years in the wilderness, the much maligned laser made something of a come back in 1994 largely thanks to the high profile of CTS' newly established collaboration with Tarm, Germany. CTS has worked in outdoor lasers for a number of years and summed up the Tarm laser perfectly "Tarm have always had a reputation that's special and I was curious to see how that reputation was acquired. Having seen the equipment I can put it down to only one thing quality. The optics and engineering are the best I've ever seen. The mirrors and diffraction gratings used for the beam show are top notch, and installed with fanatical attention to symmetry. The cherry on the top of the cake is the Vidal playback system, a modified DAT system which plays prerecorded laser shows".

PA system Philippines disco sound lighting rental company dj pro light outdoor laser show lightUnfortunately, despite CTS fanatical attention to HSE regulations at Walsall with all effects analyzed and configured to maximum effect within PM19 guidelines, and an extensive safety audit with external consultants, the installation has caught the eye of the health and safety authorities. Hopefully these difficulties will be overcome, and lessons learnt on both sides so that in the future, more clubs will be able to benefit from stunning laser disco light shows like that seen on the opening night. An honorable mention here should also be reserved for the Tarm lighting equipment which First Leisure installed on a temporary basis at Equinox, Leicester Square many years ago.

The German company's product are of high standard and from the future, you should take the opportune time to take a closer look at Tarm showing how to laser light with outdoor lasers what is on offer. Tarm have been working in the disco laser light show market since 1979, since which time they have sold many water cooled laser systems - which is in addition to their popular rental service.

A safe and good club laser system from a reputable established pa disco sound lighting hire companyOn the second hand market for dj and disco stuff there is lots of portable disco lazer lights products Tarm offer a variety of three optical benches - Vario, Vision and the baby of the range, Jester. Vario can be used with power ranging from 1W to a colossal SOW and has 20 GM20 beam switches and beam and colour fading. Vision accommodates outdoor lasers up to 10W and, as the Vario, boasts two colour boxes one for the beam effects and one for scanned effects to frill the party clubbers.
Tarm offer four dj pro light laser color controllers, Vidal II, Key desk, and to buy Laser control T' and Ascom 3-D. The last of these is a high end popular club lighting computer system can control four independent XYZ scanners and RGB units as well as four optical benches and it possesses DMX 512 capabilities for the targeting mirrors. The user can digitize images on-site to create a customized light show which can incorporate 3D animations with a gobo happy 60th anniversary or digital signage loge. Ascom 3D is compatible with SMPTE and MIDI protocols.
How to laser light safely with lighting hire equipment indoor and disco outdoor lasers disco lights
How to laser light safely with lighting hire equipment indoor and disco outdoor lasers.
The Entertainment Laser Association (ELA) has been exhibiting at London’s earls court exhibition centre disco PLASA. The organization was formed in early 1997 with the belief and commitment that the music entertainment laser industry should work together towards achieving certain common goals! This is the only way forward, inspiring public confidence, giving ELA influence on legislative matters, helping to educate for the future, encouraging cross fertilization of technologies and lighting ideas that will be commercially beneficial to .both members and end users. ELA represents:
How to Laser hire and disco sound lighting hire sale companies
• Freelance technicians and operators ELA encourages
• All venues to use ELA member companies for installations and rentals
• Promoters and event organizers to use ELA member companies, Entertainment Laser Associations Strategic goals and achievements include
• The development and implementation of a safety Code of Practice
• introduced in November 1997
• Promotion of a safe and professional industry.
• The provision and development of industry specific training courses for members, Environmental Health Officers (EHO) and operators currently in progress.
• To Produce the World's first nationally recognized qualification (the first BTEC course ran in May 1998)
• Development of a universal scan protection system for its members - UK's first approved scan fail electronics were introduced April 1998.
• The standardization of an approach to risk assess¬ment, providing information on the presentation of documen¬tation for EHO and the Health & Safety Executive.

The best way how to laser light with I dj disco outdoor lasers in island hotel club paradise resorts
How to Laser light the stars the history
One of the earliest disco laser lights visual display presentations was in the year 1973 at the famous Laserium show housed in the planetariums. This application was done by the filmmaker Ivan Dryer who wanted to harness the lights beauty in a file movie. There were problems in trying to capture the full light intensity and saturated colors. So Ivan Dryer decided transfer the lasers into a darkened room environment the planetarium there he controlled the colors swirling with a sound input making a glittering star background shown on to the walling of the room.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

009 Sound System

Euroclub ambient trance 009 sound system dreamscape tracks are produced by Alexander PerlsThe dj disco sound 009 Sound System is ambient trance music an experimental pop project that first begun its life back in the year of 2008. All the Holy Ghost, Space and Time, Shine Down, Number Two, with a Spirit , Trinity, Speak to Angels, Standing Stones and trance 009 sound system dreamscape tracks are produced by Alexander Perls. I love the beat in Alexander Perls Songs; it reminds me of a flock of seagulls I Ran and wishing from the 1980s.
009 Sound System is a specialist ambient sound that is conjuring up trance timeless song lyrics and a spin chilling vocal performance for musically advanced state-of-the-art synth pop club dance music.
Artist and remix recording studio producer Alexander Perls musical career is stretching over a decade of time, back to the year 1998 with a masterstroke musical portfolio that accommodate over fifteen smash euroclub hits big names in the top-40 pop recodes, covering most the modern country on the globe.
Here are some of the most popular trance 009 sound system songs
Dreamscape (Long Edit) and Dreamscape (Short),
009 sound system Trinity,
Beat of the Moment
009 sound system Holy Ghost (Long Edit),
Space and Time,
with a Spirit
Shine Down,
Speak To Angels,
The Hero’s Waits
Killer with a Thousand Faces,
Number Two,
Standing Stones,

This is great dj and disco stuff Youtube 009 Sound System Trinity codebase="
/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/,0,0,0 align="center">

The music mixing is pretty charming in thisYoutube Trance 009 Sound System Dreamscape video clip

Just to be under the euroclub disco lazer lights dancing the thisYoutube 009 Sound System With A Spirit video clip

009 Sound System with a Spirit lyrics
You can be
Whatever u want
When you're high
Walk slowly
With a spirit by your side
(Oh baby)
Don't fear if u lose your mind
Say how u doin' boy I'm feelin' fine
when something carries me away... hey hey hey hey...

Don't think
Just take a ride
Don't believe
That us lied
To keep us all so satisfied
With a sale
U should know baby

Don't feel
The thorny nights
Never ask
For hole rites
Don't ya think
That good has died
This time

Don't take
Those alibis
Don't hate
The other side
When they're right
Sure they are baby

Don't wave
Your flag up high
Don't praise
Your can
Did u just
Fall for lies
This time

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clubbers guide ministry of sound system

The main wine bar of the Ministry Of Sound popular club venue received a significant refurbishmentLooking back 10 years when you are the owner of such an impressive corporate identity as the Ministry Of Sound , it may be easy to sit back and allow your name to do the talking. Complacency, however, is not a word that is regularly bandied about down at the Elephant and Castle, and with a worldwide established brand offering everything from international clubbing events, record labels, a lifestyle magazine, clothing and merchandise, in the night clubbers guide Ministry Of Sound has already achieved legendary status. The Ministry first opened its doors in 1991 and has fast become a major influence in dance music and love in this club culture around the globe. Despite the magnitude of the Ministry's empire, the club nitelife has always remained the focal point of the overall operation and maintaining its position at the forefront of clubbing culture is all important. Hence the recent refurbishment, which has been undertaken not only to give the club room a general facelift, but to create a unifying look and ensure its longevity into the new Millennium.
Night clubbers guide Ministry Of Sound system and exciting lighting decor dance floor club rooms
The big city nightlife clubbers guide ministry of sound new look has been formulated by United Designers, the people behind London's Met Bar and Titanic restaurant grill. The project has involved major changes to the former cinema room and the first floor bar, as well as improvements to the main public bar area, entrance hall and toilets. Main contractors Embassy Shop fitters commenced work on the nite club room on January 31 as part of a fast track project. However the club events did not close to the public until February 21 and no major work was carried out until the close down period in order that the full impact of the refurbishment would not be seen until the opening on March 5. During this twelve day period United and Embassy have created a fresh, contemporary look beginning in the entrance hall where the old silver corrugated walkway has been stripped back to reveal simple clean lines with new paneled walls and ceiling.Ministry club entrance hall with silver walkway has been stripped back to reveal simple clean lines
Recessed spot lighting illuminated from behind, brings the walls to life whilst runway light strips carry the eye along the full length of the entrance above a concrete paving slab floor, newly laid around a fresh, elegant colour scheme.

The main bar area of the popular club venue has received a significant refurbishment with the whole room given a cleaner more natural appearance and a sense of warmth, whilst the existing bar has been shortened and completely re¬furnished. The DJ box has been relocated from its original balcony vantage point to an area directly opposite the bar at ground level. The wood used here is typical of the refurbishment as a whole, with a brand new oak floor layed throughout the main wine bar restaurant surrounded by exposed brickwork. Other floors in the new luxury club have been re-sanded and polished whilst walls have been sandblasted back to the original slate and sealed.The new luxury club have been sanded and polished whilst walls sandblasted to there original slate
The Clubbers guide to the former cinema room and Sub bar have been totally revamped. The new first floor bar area contains a zinc-topped bar servery with an illuminated lilac front. Also new is a plush lounge complete with stylish, comfortable seating in shades of dewberry and Persian red alongside clean edged, zinc topped tables. Orange pendant nightshades have been specially designed by United for the Ministry and emit a warm glow creating an intimate atmosphere ideal for relaxed drinking. A new staircase links the mezzanine lounge area to the lower cinema room, now known as the 'Baby Box' and offering a small dancing area overlooked by a new DJ unit which pumps the downstairs, yet keeps the atmosphere at the forefront in the lounge.

Ministry Of Sound is major influence in dance music and love in this club culture around the globe."The Ministry required us to provide general cosmetic improvements as well as concentrate on two main areas - the Baby Box and first floor bar," confirms United Designers' Tim Mutton. " The dance club bars was a little mismatched and needed tying together so we have provided a more relevant flow throughout the club lounges using original elements and adding rough architectural design with nothing too elaborate. The place is a lot more comfortable and represents quite a transformation - we are really pleased with the job." Decoration throughout the club has predominantly involved the usage of textured finishes to give a concrete appearance whilst special finishes to the bars. DJ unit and some walls have employed stainless steel and zinc giving a clean, modern feel. "We are very pleased with the styling of the chillout ministry of sound club, it has style without pretence" enthuses club manager Nodd McDonagh. "United have a great eye for detail and although many of the changes have been quite subtle, the whole place has been given a real coherence."

Addicted to bass ministry of sound new DJ box has been completely rewired with new mixers turntablesThe creation of the new 'Baby Box' room has provided the nite club with another dedicated dancefloor area as well as creating mini club hot spots within a club. This area and the new first floor bar have been formulated in reaction to the changes in dance club trends which have taken place in the eight years that the ministry of sound dance club nights has been trading. Nod elaborates: "The initial idea for the Baby Box area of the club came about as a result of a conversation we had about what the club would be like if it had opened in 1999 and not 1991. The Baby Box and first floor bar are reflective of our new thinking. When 1 first came to the club the policy here was very much one of dance or die. I remember thinking 1 had jumped in at the deep end without being able to find the shallow. This part of the popular club offers an area where Dj’s can experiment musically using the same top quality equipment found elsewhere in the club, as well as providing a place where customers can relax, sit down but still feel part of the overall vibe." The quality of sound system here is provided by the ubiquitous JBL speakers and is stacked imposingly in either corner of the room a la The Box. "We wanted the Baby Box to display similar aesthetics to the main Box room," continues Nodd. "Instead of flying the pa speakers disco equipment over the dancefloor we stacked them and found that by beefing the system up, we were able to do without peripheral jbl disco speakers to serve the upstairs bar and still reproduce a lovely warm wave of sound."
Pulsar Masterpiece io8s running dj software programs features Analogue and DMX Digital outputsThe Box itself has seen little in the way of design change, aside from new UV reactive paintwork and camouflaging which has given the impression of subtle structural differences. The disco party lighting fx here has been updated however, with the latest in exciting lighting decor moving head technology from golden 1200 Clay Paky lighting effects (continuing a six year relationship) featuring both in the box and throughout. Specifically the quite substantial-Stage Zoom i20os sit alongside Stage Colors and Stage Lights whilst elsewhere in the Ministry, Golden Scan HPEs / 3s, Super Scans and Combi Colors can be found. Three DMX Pulsar Masterpiece io8s running dj software programs features Analogue and Digital outputs (one in each room) plus assorted Datapaks and Dimmers provide the control.

When it comes to the job to make speakers sound better the new Ministry Of Sound system it lives up to its name. A veritable Mecca for music lovers throughout the country (and, of course, beyond), the subwoofer sound system setup at the Ministry is as famous as any in clubland, always seen as a vital part of the club's overall identity and consistently manipulated by the world's finest DJs. The MOS obviously felt that there was room for improvement however, and have gone about updating and upgrading the music remix system in specific areas of the club rooms to equip each of the venue's three rooms with a top of the range sound system.

Monitoring at Ministry Of Sound DJ stations is provided by JBL EON 15P powered loudspeaker systemsContinuing its long established association with JBL, the main event bar of the MOS has benefited most from the sound system upgrade. Five meters above the disco wine bar hang four JBL cabs whilst either side of the new ministry of sound mix DJ box sit four new sub bass cabinets each loaded with a double 15" horn and sitting alongside a pair of Eon 15 Power series. The people how are addicted to bass ministry of sound new DJ box has been completely rewired with new mixers, twin turntables and monitors indeed the whole front end (including the Omnidrive) is brand new. Pioneer has provided their DJM-500 mixer which has been given a permanent install in the main menu bar and grill and baby box whilst offering a third option alongside the established Urei and Rane mixers in the box. "The connection between the Ministry Of Sound and Pioneer goes back five years and is a partnership we are extremely proud of," comments Pioneer Product Manager Sean Griffin. "The strength of that relationship has been demonstrated with the latest refit of the downtown club. The Ministry has chosen the Pioneer DJM-500 mixer because it provides the spinning twin turntable DJs with the control and flexibility they need to give their best performance of top clubber anthems."
Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Ministry's sound system upgrade is the improvement to the Omnidrive and Varicurve system which allows complete audio sound control of any part of the club from any location within it. Each room has a radio link direct to the amp room from where any necessary knobs can be tweaked. Importantly, changes to the overall clubber sound quality on the dancefloor can be made from where it matters most - on the dancefloor itself. The ministry of sound mobile system also has the ability to adjust itself depending on humidity and temperature within the club which it constantly monitors. This ability allows the system to gain a basic idea of how many people are in the Ministry club at any one time and adjust the sound levels accordingly. It is all Futuristic stuff indeed.
With the refurbishment complete and the sources of sound and lighting systems upgraded, how does Nodd feel about the Ministry's new look design? "The Ministry Of Sound has always been known as the best but the look prior to the refurbishment was very much one brought out of 1991. The new design doesn't get in the way of what we want to do with the London club and we believe that the place is now more customer friendly atmosphere. Dance of sound anthems and clubber house classics has always been very important to the Ministry but with the changes that have been made we have introduced a touch of light and shade to this. The Baby Box and lounge bar has provided an experimental, artistic zone to the club disco sound lighting whilst the box is still very much the Donner und blitzen." Exciting lighting decor disco moving head technology from golden 1200 Clay Paky lighting effectsThe Ministry of Sound has chosen speakers from the JBL Venue Series and VGC Low frequency transducer range for its recently completed refurbishment. The main serving pub bar (left) now contains four JBL 3218 full range three-way systems and four VS125HS horn loaded low frequency systems, all of which are powered by five JBL MPA amplifiers. In the 'The Box', the six custom-built PA stacks each now contain products from JBL's VGC (Vented Gap Cooling) range - namely two 18-inch 2241 sub-bass units and two 12-inch 2206 low/mid drivers.Night clubbers guide Ministry Of Sound friendly atmosphere with torrents dance of sound anthems
In addition, 'The Box' contains six JBL tweeter arrays suspended from the ceiling, each containing two 2402H and two 2404H HF units. Monitoring at all DJ stations is provided by JBL EON 15P powered loudspeaker systems.

Santi Arribas, the Ministry's Sound Engineer at the time of the refurbishment, explains his choice of speakers: "JBL simply make the best speakers around. For high sound quality and reliability JBL was our only choice."
Current Sound Engineer, David Fly agrees, "When we have over two thousand people in on a Friday night, we can't afford to have any problems with the speakers. People expect brilliant sound. In 'The Box', the distortion levels are so low you simply don't realize the sort of ministry of sound torrents of volume the stacks are producing until you try to speak to someone."
Crest amplification and BSS sound control are used exclusively throughout The Box.
Youtube Clubbers guide ministry of sound system video

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dj equipment second hand lights and sounds Philippines

The grand opening parties events of the Philippines islands how many club paradise resort settings offer Filipino professional lights and sounds with a specialist excellent audio sound system from Europe and the USA. After searching Google for some time for search light spaceflower Dj equipment second hand items for purchasing I found the choices and resource for buying and selling leisure show pro lighting were slightly limited in this part of the world. It’s mostly old school dj equipment mossy wooden boxer’s knot really the quality I am after for doing the best lights and sounds Philippines entertainer work.
Its knot so bad for the stage musician doing big arena Philippine live music performances I think that’s because here more people can play a musical instrument of some type compared to sunny England. There are many old and brand new audio good microphones with stands at affordable prices but that’s really about it for the Dj equipment second hand lights and sounds Philippines market place.
I normally like to try and purchase broken audio equipment pa racks something I can rebuild and fix, that can be upgraded or modified for more output power taking its printed circuit board to the full spec. I don’t expected to get free mobile club professional sound light effects but I am not going to pay out an arm and a leg ether.

Dj equipment second hand lights and sounds Philippines islands free mobile disco party play musicI often put to the test various types of Dj equipment second hand lights and sounds by upgrading swapping the bulbs to higher wattage, adding extra color filters jells wheels, changing the glass optical lenses. I love buying from the spares of repairs adds getting a load of vintage old junk and transforming the contraptions back to its original disco glory. But if you’re not fully electronically trained as a service engineer then this is defiantly not the way to pressed forward, make certain that it is all working fine and trouble free mobile disco party machinery. Have a good look at it before you hand over the dollars for your pa sound lighting club system not ever Pinoy sound disco shop retailers are sea pirates but you have to be careful when purchasing pa system sound dj hire equipment here in these luxury paradise islands.
I am not over keen on getting Dj equipment second hand lights sound effects as job lots just because there will be some items that are just poor quality and unreliably to work with, for the lost remote party placers, that we play the music songs at, on the map of the Philippines region Luzon city’s.
Another area of hire illumination is the decorative great chandeliers made from Murray Feiss lighting and Hinkley lighting. I am looking round to find some second hand smaller versions of these glass great chandeliers that a can hire out when doing high class luxury wedding events just to add another service to the leisure Light And Sound Rental Philippines business that we can provide.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disco wine bar Epos club system

Few things sound as sweet to the ear of the club operator as the clatter of golden treasury coins hitting their cash drawer’s coffers. Although slashing out and spending money isn't quite as enjoyable as getting it, the advantages of Disco wine bar epos club system till terminal is one of the soundest investments an A1 club operator can make. Assuming your dance venue is busy, and you invest wisely, a decent Epos system will allow you to take more money, more quickly. The more clued up operators are looking at how, in the Brave New World of nightclub marketing, this pub bar cash register technology can be integrated with, entry network systems and membership databases to monitor their customers' spending habits and track the success (or otherwise) of particular promotions. Here Andy Cavanagh of Zonal Retail Data Systems gives an overview of the use of flat touch screen epos Systems in bar nightclubs.

The nightclub industry has in general been slow to adopt sophisticated point of sales electronic cash register Epos systems into its night life business profession. This has been because minimal trading time could not be seen to justify the expenses of full blown stock and accounting systems. A good pub epos club system till can cost anything from £1800 to £2500. This represents a considerable outlay on a piece of nightclub equipment that might only be for eight hours a week.First class reliable disco wine bar restaurant point of sale system for leisure hospitality industry The change in thinking has been brought about by the major operators. Its obviously important for plc’s to be seen to be taking all precautions to eliminate fraud and implement tight staff controls. The installation of a good quality nightlife hospitality Epos system will demonstrate to shareholders a commitment to good working practices, resulting in higher profit margins. The benefits of a first-rate electronic system are not only applicable to corporate club operators. Site management can utilize the increase in information to formulate business plans and react quickly to all unforeseen live music bar point of sale stock problems that may affect trade. Your cafe wine bar Epos electronic point of sale should be the site manager’s friend, providing them with up to the minute information inventory control spreadsheet and maximizing their profits.
Just over 10 years ago European Leisure companies made commitments to install a complete stock control and sales management system in to their estate. The chosen system enabled them to receive instant trading information at their head office whilst allowing the unit manager the flexibility to localize promotions at unit level.
Of particular importance in the nightclub industry is the recording of admissions numbers. Modern cash register point of sale equipment systems can record the number of customers in and out of the pub unit giving and accurate reading to the door control coupled with this, swipe card technology can be use for storing membership details of all customers building a database for mail shots and loyalty rewards.
Speed of service coupled with user friendly product tills are a must for the intensive nightclub environment. The best electronic point of sale system will combine all the technical technology today needed for the advanced and brand-new fresh marketing advancements with a till that is easy to use for serving people there Red bull drinks after minimal training time.
The best selling point of any retail hot food or drink shop counter system is the additional revenue return produced by tighter controls and better cool beverage stock leveling communication information with it’s IT inventory software exclusive facilities for retailers. The larger companies obviously generate a greater turnover so the benefits are realized almost instantly. The smaller independent operators are slowly coming to appreciate the enormous benefits to be gained from a shipshape quality system, although they may have to wait a little longer to realize a return on their investments.
In some respects the choice has been made easier for the independent nightclub owner. The large leisure companies have spent time and effort researching the best bar severing solution for their needs. The smaller operator can simply look at the systems in use by the major businesses and assess the best system for his needs.
The companies that last the longest in the epos point of sale trade are the ones that have a proven record in reliability. The operator must have confidence that the system he chooses will not let him down, and if he dose have a problem, that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently by a company that is not a shoestring operation and keeps his hours.
It’s traditionally known that IT computer companies have a reputation of working 9-5 Monday to Friday. When looking for pos sales and with the trustworthy advantages of EPOS provider, look for an exclusive leisure and hospitality industry specialist with a track record in the licensed trade.


EPoS has traditionally been used as a control tool to monitor pilfering, cash and stock and prevent charging errors at point of sale. Today disco bar Epos specialists Checkout Computer Systems have produced systems to help primarily managers and enterprise as a whole but in particular business development. The developments include loyalty cards, staff incentive schemes and even point of sale advertising. Checkouts also have a reputation for Epos innovation within the hospitality industry. They will soon be launching a new product in the UK, which they claim will be the world's first multi screen touch terminal, allowing for both advertising and live interactive customer loyalty this new product using the very latest PC technology integrates Smart Cards and Magnetic Swipe Card readers.Active Software touch screen pizza pos systems for disco nightclub bars or retail fast food cafe
To support this revolutionary new product Checkout has produced the Active Business Series with the Active Software Suit which has been constructed using the latest Microsoft tools including Web technology. Modular designed to gain maximum benefit, this new system gives the user the ability to manage every aspect of their disco wine bar club system establishment quickly and accurately giving them meaningful information on which important strategic business can be made.
Checkout's range of product offers many choices between hardware and tailored point of sale software system packages including Interactive Radio Handheld Terminals, Dispense Monitoring, Customer Designed Terminals, and Touch button server ID.


Clarity Retail Systems plc is making enormous headway in the club and late night market with their Loysys system currently installing at the rate of three systems a week. The main reason for this, says Clarity's Declan Petit is "We have been in EPoS for years and what is on offer is becomingly increasingly similar. What we offer to clients is very different. Our system tracks customer’s usage of the venue with instant reactions well as profiling and reacting to their spending habits on site.Disco wine bar Epos club system till terminal to take the door and bar serving money more quickly
Pettit continues "Loysys empowers our clients to be far more strategic and cost effective in their approach to retaining their customers and increasing their average spend. It gives them the cutting edge over their competition." It's a bold statement, but Pettit is strident in adding: "Loysys is unique. We have helped our clients gain 20-25% more income on the door in the first eight weeks, and that is before we even address the issue of drink income." Pettit maintains that Loysys can achieve even more significant cash gains in soft beverage expenditure by a few simple rules and, he adds, "some pretty smart software."

Pettit advises any live music club system operator looking at loyalty, both door and sales produce, to consider points-based packages as only the starting point in achieving growth in sales. "Whilst points are perfectly appropriate for a particular market segment - for instance supermarkets, late night operators know that promotion and reward must be far more compelling in a younger marketplace." He also recommends getting the soft drink suppliers involved in rewarding behind the bar. "You can give them the information they are currently spending millions to collate - e.g. who, when, what age, and in what volume. In return they can give significant support in rewarding both your customers and their own."


SPA Till Technology are specialist dance club system disco wine bar epos suppliers to the leisure industry with many years of experience in nightlife venues covering corporate giants like Rank Entertainments, theme pubs e.g. Waxy O Connors, live music venue houses e.g. Jumping Jake, fine dining (Gary Rhodes Restaurants) Italian style fast food diner (Pizza Piazza pos systems very abatable for the verity of cheese union tomato and spicy pepperoni topping ) bingo (Gala Clubs), whilst having a long and successful partnership with Uniwell hardware and retail pos software it is by an exclusive arrangement. SPA'S product range includes the Epson IR PC POS touchscreen with Power till retail software solutions Sharp's UP5700 PC POS touch screen pizza pos systems and so on.
Uniwell's major strength is the ability to provide total solutions that integrate the Point of sale with Back office and Head Office. Uniwell provide a range of public bar EPoS terminals from cost effective screen based terminals to the newest advanced touch screen technology. These have all been designed for reliability, speed and ease of use.SPA Till Technology are specialist disco wine bar epos suppliers to the leisure hotel industry
The PC EPoS terminal can be configured to suit different styles of operation such as a happy hour bar, luxury hotel restaurants or local corner shop pizza fast food establishments. Automatic price changes can be pre defined for happy hours and special promotions. Integration with best of breed third party products such as Customer-loyalty Systems, CCTV, EFTPoS and Cashless Payment Systems completes the point of sale solution.
At the heart of the system is the stockmaster a third generation stock control and management information system that has been designed for a 32 bit Windows environment. Stockmaster can be tailored to suit individual requirements depending on the complexity of he’s operation, A mixed estate of different cybertill epos terminals can be managed by back office and head Office software providing a cost effective solution.

The system can be configured to suit different styles of operation from a nightclub with multiples bars to a multi concept entertainment centre (e.g. the Rank's Leisure World located in Southampton England.). Multi Location Stock is ideal for simple stock checks by location (bars) whilst Multi Site Stock provides full stock results by location.
SPA believes a new breed of epos machines these products are on its way – one that will lead the field for the next few years. Many IT managers in the industry want to move to open systems over recent years there has been significant movement to PC touch screen EPOS architecture, albeit ironically most of these are working on a proprietary platform. The problem with
Open PC based systems say, running on an NT platform is the high cost of ownership compared to an EPROM (firmware) based product. The skill levels for open systems are greater as are initial costs, maintenance etc. This can make the cost justification a difficult element in the epos terminal business case.
Enter the new breed of EPROM based touch flat screen products which combine all the sexiness of their open peers speed and simplicity of operation at a relatively low cost for purchase and ownership. The first to be launch was the Sharp UP 3300 soon followed in April by Uniwell's offering It is SPA'S opinion that these products will lead the party sound leisure field or the next few years.
SPA can offer a total epos equipment solution, from procurement, cabling, installation, training, maintenance and consumables nation wide. Many of SPA'S staff have a food and beverage background and therefore can relate to customer problems and turn them into cost effective workable solutions.
One of the latest projects being implemented by a multi site company is the installation of Uniwell’s central Office Stockmaster retail software which will provide full product and price control from the centre with multiple price branding lookups. This approach will allow sites to retain flexibility on pricing but can be monitored at the centre to ensure they are not exceeding minimum or maximum levels.

SHARP ELECTRONICSSharp Electronics UP 3300 disco wine bar epos club system a full colour flat touch screen unit
Sharp Electronics has recently launched the UP 3300 disco wine bar epos club system a full colour flat touch screen EPOS terminal aimed at the hospitality leisure sector. Unique in the UK market, the UP 3300 is a parameter driven terminal which brings clarity and functionality of furnishing and set up procedures along with ease of use. A common sense menu driven structure to the programming software makes for speedy installation and set-up of the UP-3300, while Sharp's intuitive application software ensures the pos terminal is easy to use essential in the high labour turnover environment of restaurants, bars and clubs. "Everything about the UP-3300 is designed to make life easy at the point of sale, say Sharp "Its small footprint and optional integral thermal printer give silent high speed printing of receipts, orders and reports while making efficient use of valuable counter space. The sharp epos terminal is ergonomically styled with a 10.4 inch duty colour screen - using colour to group products together helps operators to enter transactions quickly and accurately.
The UP 3300 has extensive communications options to address a broad range of business requirements. In-line communications allows up to 16 terminals to be linked together on the same network, while on-line communications and an electronic journal capability allow the UP-3300 to be connected to back office software for sales analysis reports and input to accountancy packages.


Zonal Retail Data Systems are one of the leading epos cash register suppliers to the hospitality and leisure trade with a twenty year track record of providing systems solutions. Zonal provide a total solution for bars, disco wine bar epos club systems, restaurants, and hotels, incorporating cash, stock, promotional and staff controls with credit card, loyalty systems, and staff and labour scheduling.
Zonal customers include European Leisure operating the Hippodrome, Buzz Bar and a host of other venues throughout the UK. The McKenzie Group operating at the Brixton Academy through to Regent Inns with their Jongleurs concept and independent operators such as the Comedy Store.Pub epos club system the latest PC technology integrates Smart Cards and Magnetic Swipe Card readers
The Zonal solution offers automated central controls for products, prices, menus, and stock ordering. Utilizing data warehousing and EDI to analyze the sales data offering a demographic picture of your corporation and customer profile, Zonal's range of touchscreen and membrane terminals are designed to withstand the hostile hospitality environment. Complete equipment placing and positioning, training, development support and maintenance services 365 days a year throughout the UK Channel Islands and Florida USA.
So if you're thinking about epos advantages and stock control then Zonal have the expertise, electronic point of sale systems and solutions for your business.

In summary, when looking for a first class reliable disco wine bar restaurant point of sale system ask yourself the five following questions.

1. Dose the system use the most up to date emerging technology developments to enable me to expand my operations and update my point of sales software when necessary?
2. Is the club system pos hardware easy to use for my disco wine bar staff for serving drinks?
3. Dose the electronic point of sales system provide me with all the information I need to market my business and provide the controls needed to protect cash and stock?
4. Is my chosen provider of pos solution units a proven hospitality specialist with major existing clients?
5. Can my chosen supplier provide me with a service level agreement to match my needs and fit in with my hours of business?

Arc Line strobe lighting cool disco bar show

Arc Line we have 58 meter's blue 24 meter green 12 meters red and 10 meter's pink very nice to see up high on the trilite stage rig over the dance floor. Each one of the mode electronics 2m Arcline strobe lighting tubes has 4 strobelight xenons.

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2 Martin Voyager and destroyer stage searchlight Voyager is a projects flashlight through a color gobo wheel and onto a rotating disc reflector. The light is focused through an optical lens to create an changing lighting effect with colors changing to the beats, gobos and beam rotation mixing pattern to the beat of the music. The spinning disc creates a wide angle of light with streams of beams effectively filling the projection on dance the floor area . The Voyager has 19 gobos 11 full diachronic and 3 split dichroic colors + 6 white. The Voyager is totally self-contained not DMX, reacting in time to the beat without the need for an external control.
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strobe lighting disco hire baguio city hire stock pic We carry in our hire rental stock a large selection of flood stadium lighting strobes for the disco hire equipment use in all your ultimate dance audition shows and for the best development staging production can provide, with quality colours flashing disco strobe lighting 24 units in stock and 300 meters of mode electronics arcline sys in 4 colors. Second hand vintage strobe light and new luxury club strobe light systems available for trilite mobile concert stage or bar resort installations.
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Dj Showtec Galaxy 1200 Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light. Dj Showtec Galaxy, Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light.The Galaxy 1200 is a state of the art centrepiece with a bright HMI-1200SA bulb gobo wheel contains 7 glass colors gobo's, made by dj Showtec lighting.