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I am Richard from England. but now just party in Baguio City every night! I have stopped here in the mountains for close to three year now. Just doing web work html JavaScript and learning how to make educational Thomas the tank games online for children to play in day time. A lot of the internet production time I draw kids coloring page pictures and teenage worksheet activates, some times these clip art illustrations are taking me about 8 hours in Photoshop on each image to finish so they look good. I am really trying to make nice family friendly sites, the best web site for kids with fun things to do. Also my birthday party hire equipment company, dj lighting and disco sound pa systems..!

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You have a very strong desire to develop your own style under the flashing fal disco lights. Our Learn To disk jockey Now videos will start you off with the basics of scratching and mixing. Ill Vibe Collective will show you, in the simplest of terms, how to break down and identify the best parts to scratch on a record. Click Here to get your dj downloaddj and disco stuff computer music
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Inspired by Timbaland NEW Access the same sounds that inspired Timbaland to greatness. Over 70 mastered and chopped synth stabs, orchestral hits, crazy FX and rythmic drums, congas and hats. Inspired by Timbaland and world music, its all here - from dancehall to far Eastern sounds. Royalty free and available for instant, high-speed download. Order now.. Influences: Timbaland File formatting thats 100 persent Royalty free 44.1 KHz, 16-Bit Wav & SND Files. Fully compatible with all Akai MPC's, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic at just 29.99 dallas only,

101 disco mania play list remixs what we can play

The disco party dance sounds we can play at your big function night to keep the crowed moving to the beat with great dj and stuff top rock band tracks

Different vinyl types of musics we can play at your event partys the vast song playlists is from a very larger collection of 101 disco mania play list vinyls for turntable records CD's and dig musik equipment from the computer with specialized remixing software. The old time vintage vinyls go back to 1950 yes really we have some that old…! Dance disco karaoke, Rock and roll ,Hip hop, Rave, traditional Blues Bluegrass, Ballroom, Motown disco party,sequence dancing,school Children's party music, club trance music, trance, discothek 1980 pop songs, punk rock, funk baddy,classic jazz,1930s and 40s retro big band sound,techno, remixes house music, hip hop,electro, indie alternative, electronic music, 1970 disco, deep house,specialized dance, charts,birthday disco groovy funk,ricky martin salsa album, northen soul, heavy metal,rap,country and weston,classic R&B,mauro picotto, old skool, lots of Different Styles and tastes something to please all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

DJ AM has left the building

DJ AM has left the buildingAnother good DJ has bit the dust Adam Goldstein age 32 from New York is no longer with use to frill the crowds on the 1’s and 2’. We still don’t know the real reason to how DJ AM did die but time will answer this big question. As usual every one will be pointing the finger at paraphernalia so wrong associated with use working in the dj club industry.

Friday, August 28, 2009

PA dynacord

PA dynacord M1 Eight channel of loveliness, it’s a powerful solid mixer. It’s got a first-class headphone level with headphone cue, it has three mic inputs, you can run a host of things from it and it has got a great little EQ system. The dynacord M1 looks as if it is worth a few pound so you get what you pay for and this makes a good deal all round for the money. The well-placed faders are first-rate and they are all assignable to the master cross fade. On a pa dynacord mixer of this calibre to have a screw out replaceable fader is perfect for club bars to perform high-speed repairs and servicing.Pa dynacord M1 mixer Eight channel of lovelinessIt has got a good range of effects on it like reverb and echo hall and the amazing sound quality is excellent clarity. It’s up there with Cloud as regards the adjustable EQ system setting. It’s also very compact and any DJ could work off this. That’s the kind of quality dynacord pa dj equipment is covering all applications and demands that a practical users' needs. You would be happy and very enthusiastic towards turning up at a hidden night club to find this ready to do the mobile dj set playlist. You’d know you were dealing with a serious club on a serious public address system. Can’t fault it really in any way shape or form. All the basics are solid like the EQ zones, headphone level and cross fade etc. Any thing after that is a bonus. This M1 unit is applicable for broadcasting radio stations, performing art dance schools, discotheques and multimedia centres a exceptional versatile peace of kit.

To download the manual on a pdf file click here to start your download.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akai 16 remix

Akai 16 remix a dj Akai 16 sampler key pads pro tools drum machine
If you had two stylish turntables of the night and a mixer this Akai 16 remix is the ideal addon as the third replacement turntable because it dose everything a third stylish turntable can do.

It runs like a pro tools drum machine and a real time simple sampler in a sense. This Akai 16 remix incorporates some nice functions - one of the main features is you can digitally scratch with it, which is great.

It's very user friendly once you’ve gone through the documentation manual. Its got 16 key pads on it and Akai 16 samples adjustable rate as high as 32khz at the top end, 4 track sequencer, you can load up your own sample types while you are Djing, the unit will upload onto a computer disk so you can prepare it all before you play in the entertainment club which is very handy, it can loop and can trim. This is A good piece of kit all round.

I like the 8-voice polyphony sound, triggering pads, tap tempo to the beat of a drum, and smoother cross faders most useful features.
You can make a good dance tune on the Akai 16 and you can mix with it as well.

You could take two of these Akai 16 remix units and a djing mixer to the house night club, instead of a big box of vinyl plus cds with a table of records and two 1210 decks, because you can store all the best tunes ever on disk beforehand.

I also like that idea don't you?

You can have all your loops on it and could mix with both of them. That is hi-tech DJ'ing. What Akai has done is built a sampler for a DJ where as other Akai samplers have been more geared towards the musician in the studio. It's a big seller on the dance floor for the DJ.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Derby lights.

disco Derby light rays
Derby lights amazing light show will be a fabulous addition to your aluminium truss display systems bar. The disco Derby Chauvet comes in several styles from a single row of colored lenses for a light ray from each up to 6 lens rows. The flat rectangular lens in the derby light was first used in the flat beam spots in the 1980’s where there was just two focusing lens and a static 500w lumens halogen filament.
The effect of light on the dance floor is now open with coloured beautiful beams. These Derby lights are just right for the special effect light show that most of the Friday night club the disco and funk jazz bands are seeking to provide to their audiences. There are only two down sides to the Derby light (1) it gets very hot but you can install a second cooling fan to drop the temperature and preserve build life. (2) The plano convex lenses are none glass filter dichotic lenses but this does reflect in the Chauvet Derby price, making it more cost effective.

You tube video of a Derby light in full swing.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Skating disco.

Doing the Dj-ing job at a Skating disco roller rink is normally a nice steady number once a week going to the local sports centre hall to do the dancing roller-skating disco entertainment, playing the new and old 80's roller disco music. In my many years of doing dee-jee work at a couple of the skating disco venues in my region in England, I have to say that it is really one of the best forms of sound hire work that you can do apart from no free nice food to munch from the free buffet table. I have instructed numerous people on how to become the king of the sports roller kingdom so they can skate a way round the magic roller rink in a princely fashion. At one rollar disco I was working along side Eric a British figure skating instructor who taught the kids at the skating parties. Sport figure skating music is slower and a classical orchestra music sound, not quite the pumping boom of a city nightclub but we provided a combination of the two. If you’re the mobile disco and dj after more hire work its worth looking at getting some skating quad roller boot hire stock so you can provide school rock and roller blade parties. Doing this, is good thing, for the reason that you can charge for the Skating disco and charge for the children’s roller boot hire so they can skate a way on the rink, this is two birds with one stone and its normally a week night not hogging the great Saturday night fever money spinner.Skating disco dancerJust look at the local car boot sales and ebay and you will soon find cheap sets of sport skates with good quality in line skates wheels. There are many types of roller wheels to pick from. You can have your own top speed Kryptonics skating wheels for the 80’s top designed skates retro style. After you have acquired your hire stock, think about village hall venues, scout groups and schools. You just need a flat piece of land and a nice summer night to provide outdoor skating rinks as a second income. Go and visits the local skating shop for some more ideas but buy second hand Skating disco boots for you. You can even provide two of the world greatest roller skating disco sessions in one night 6-7.30 pm age 5-11 and 7.45 –10.00 pm for age 11 and up. PS. Don’t break your legs.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ball disco lights.

disco party light mirror ball skeleton skulls Having some big skeleton party light mirror ball skeleton skulls with flashing red LED eyes is perhaps the bizarre theme that you’re looking for! This 3d disco ball disco lights rotating above your 1210 technics turntables on a haloween party night is just the sort of novelty cartoon disco ball effect that will stick in peoples mind. The ball disco lights 3d skeleton skull is more of a decoration than a really full-blown stage monster never the sell this novelty skull Ball disco light has a fitting place at the October Halloween skeleton dancing celebrations whilst playing michael jackson's thriller.

Monday, August 17, 2009

lighting spot lights.

lighting spot lights theatrical lightingThe LYCIAN Model 1275 SuperStar theatrical lighting luminaire 1200-watt follow spotlight is designed to house a 1200-HB metal halide lamp fitting. A 1200 HMI lamp can perform as a proxy to reduce the follow spotlight output. The SuperStar employs a solo lever adjustable optical focusing structure applying a linkage wire made of galvanized steel is employed. This commercial spotlights gate mechanism comprises of a steel iris in heavy-duty nichrome, trim paired shutters units in stainless steel and a lighting spot lights gobo slots with fading shuttering. The Lycian SuperStar 1275 theatrical stage lighting spotlights beam applies glass lenses white water plates in a Optical grade quality. The SuperStar theatre lighting spot lights housing is extruded aluminium sheeting finished in a black colour with epoxy powder-coat finishing. This Automatic stage lighting system comes in six colours with boomerang self-cancelling colours. The lights spotlights head unit will have an allowance for a tilting of 55 degrees underneath the horizontal maximum and 50 degrees over the horizontal.

Free speaker plans

Free speaker plans Eminence Speaker DesignerFree speaker plans, where do you get the best design for your diy speaker plans? There are many places and software providing good information on making a great frequency response speaker cab plans.
Eminence Designer have made a state-of-the-art enclosure design program for making the plans for full range speaker, woofer speaker bass plans and high frequency horn speaker plans to enhance your top-end sound output. This acoustic design program will run on the Windows 95, 98, NT4 2000 or later platforms for the PCs. This saves vast amount of time when your drawing up the bass speaker plans for a bandpass sub and not take numerous hours working on how to solve complex mathematical equations manually.Free speaker plans  Designer drawingsThe Eminence Designer will work out the box enclosure volume and the port tuning frequency sizes after you have entered in the speaker parameters. The speaker cab Designer covers the models vented horns, bandpass filter, closed box, and passive radiator boxes. On completion for your professional free speaker plans, its time to print out the finished graphs and drawings.
Now to chose the best speaker wood to apply, there are 3 robust good woods (MDF) Medium-density fiberboard, chipboard and Marine plywood. Never use nails, only screws and wood glue, nails will come lose with the sound vibrations.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Underground disco.

Fantazia dj Underground disco acid house party, having a two-days to wire up the sound & light system. This DJ fantazia old skool disco a wild party with over 12,000 people crammed in to a building. Raving all night till the sun comes out to plat in the morning hearing too old classics like Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground disco aicd remix (1988), up 2 vinyl sound tracks that havent even sean a retail shop in there life yet. Strait from a recording studio far far away.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Disco helicopter.

six and four arms spinning disco light helicopter effects
A helicopter is a classic disco effect light from the sound of the 70's era. The six or four arms of this spinning disco light effect spin round disco helicopter light in the dark with sweeping beams of lightilluminating the ceiling in sweeping beams of light for the 30 Watt PAR 36 Pin Spot Halogen Lamps, mounted on a central rotating axis point. The disco helicopter light is furnished with 6 coloured gel filters fitted over PAR 36 Pin Spot lamps. The twister helicopter movement adds a lively feel to your parties. This Disco helicopter effect doesn’t travel so well and flite case or a good sturdy cardboard box is really required for transport.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The fuzzlight is one of the greatest old 70s disco classics in funky lightingThe funky fuzzlight is one of the greatest old 70s disco classics from the days of oil wheels and the party cocktail babycham drink, this Rotating police warning light is suitable for several 1970 vintage decorative window shop displays and just a small time boy for mobile DJs. The fuzz lights dome fitting has replaceable lenses and comes in measureless favourite color styles as many as four. The rotating light base has an E14, 15W lamp fitting and runs on 220 Vac /230Vac, 50Hz/60 Hz. Get a couple for these rotating blue light effects and you can have your lighting rig looking like an emergency services vehicle.

70s disco

70's disco party just have a look at this...! It's brilliant the 1970 ..! You have to show all your friends this.....!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Disco Repair

It’s very useful to have a comprehensive disco repairs toolbox tools set for your emergency repair work. This could easily save the day getting you out of a lot of trouble and embarrassment on the big night. I have enclosed list of workshop tools equipment suitable for integrated circuit work that will get you out nearly every breakdown situation. Disco Repair comprehensive toolbox tool set.
6 in. adjustable spanner, Insulation tape,Standard wire stripper, 240 V tinning soldering iron kit, Precision screwdriver set, Snipe nose pliers, Precision trimmer set, Flat nose pliers, Solder tip cleaner, Precision Wire Strippers, Cutting shears, Jeweler’s Screwdriver, Spring hook set, Anti-static solder sucker, Metric spanner set, Standard wire cutters, Imperial hexagon set, End cutters, 250g 18 swg ON LINE solder, Pistol wire stripper, De-solder braid, Needle file set, Anti-static wrist strap, B.A. spanner set, Metric hexagon set, Small cleaning brush, gas iron Solder aid set, Straight tweezers, Pocket digital multimeter, 130 mm nippers, Fiberglass pencil, Small mains test screwdriver, Bent tweezers, Flared screwdrivers.
Disco Repair parts 35mm plug fuses
It is also important to carry a wide selection of power cable connector blocks and wiring plug sockets.
Also having a full range of glass 20mm & 35mm electrical fuses. Never replace a fuse with larger rating fuses than what is originally intended for the unit’s specification. If you're not sure of what size fuse to use, 1 amp equals the wattage of your country’s voltage. Example if you’re electrical voltage used is 240 volts then a 1-amp rating fuse will hold a load of 240 watts before it will blow. If the electrical voltage is 220 volts then a 1-amp rating fuse will hold a power load of 220 watts before it will blow. (Amps X volts = wattage). Ps sometimes you my see in a disco repair manual for fixing & servicing, the amps is expressed as an “I” also known as the current. It is also very beneficial to try to obtain the disco service repair manuals with each of the individual pieces of your hire electrical lighting equipment. Workshop repair manuals provide the best technical fixing instructions and information on a wiring diagram for doing your sound to light unit disco repairs. Most of the manufactures try to give good technical support to there product.
I had a problem with one of my NJD 4004 light controllers. So I phoned NJD, the next day first class post arrived the full electronic schematics diagrams. Nottingham NJD Electronics repair manuals for free.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yamaha 0

Yamaha 0 AW4416 digital mixing consoleYamaha 0 AW4416 digital mixing console is a professional peace of kit supporting external companies peripherals. The studio yamaha 0 console is widely respected in the music industry with it's myriad of recording effect fetchers including 16-bit or 24-bit uncompressed format, (44) sound input channels, (20) Motorized fade mixing buses. 64 gig max 2.5" IDE hard disk drive and CD-R or CD-RW drive.
This digital Yamaha 0 AW4416 contains good (EQ.) Equalization finicalities frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz at +/-18dB on 41 filter positions. The 0 yamaha digital multi-effect are reverb, digital delay, echoing, versatile chorus range, flanging, phasing, great-sounding auto-pan control, tremolo, pitch changing and rotary speaker simulation function. You really need to have a playa round on this industry-standard Yamaha's 0-series digital mixers to fully appreciate what it is capable of really doing. My last comment on this Dynamic recording unit is stupendous.

Songs disco blogspot

My top 10 song disco faces play list of 80 best songs.Songs disco pic

(1) Duran Duran Rio
(2) Madonna Get into the groove
(3) Colonel Abrams Trapped
(4) New order - Blue Monday
(5) Madness - Baggy trousers
(6) Spandau Ballet Gold
(7) Kc and the sunshine band - Give It Up
(8) Depeche mode - See you
(9) Len Boone -Love Won't Be Denied
(10) Yazz -The Only Way Is Up

These great disco songs have made my dj disco work very easy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Music louder sound.

How to Improve the total output of a your louder sound system. the outputs level of the sound system is measured in the DB to make something twice as loud the increase in level of sound will be +3 dB.

hyperbolic horn-exponential horn and linear horn graph(1) The first method of increasing the level of a louder sound is the design of the speaker box enclosure, it should be a acoustic fold exponential horn or sub horn hyperbolic horn for better bass roll-off and solid designed .How this works is similar to playing a game of billiards as you hit one ball and that in turn hits two balls and so on, this is how the air molecules behave inside the exponential horn and that’s what gives the three decibels of gain in the speaker and closure.

2 way crossover wiring diagram(2) The next method for music louder sound is the incorporation of IE 3 way active crossover unit this makes the sound split up into its three individual frequencies so the electronic crossover feeding the base amplifier is not amplifying the top end treble and vice versa for the other amps. There's no point in sending a frequency to IE to a speaker driver that it is incapable of reproducing, the signal just gets lost and wasted. This is saving power; the effect of this is really making each one of your dedicated dj amplifiers three times more effective.

(3) The method number three to gain music louder sound is the incorporation of a multi effects zoom, DBX or ALESIS 3630 compressor gate and noise limiter.compressor turns the gain by about -6 picWhen music is being played there is about twelve decibels of bounds gain, the behringer compressor turns down the gain by about -6 dB. There is a setting that you can turn it down to three dB but this will make your music sound very flat and unresponsive by having too much compressor audio work in place. Because you have turned your sound levels down and flattened out some of the big peeks you can then turn your sound master up by +6 dB to take you back to your regional position or in reality would have gained +6 dB in actual fact.

(4) Music loudest sound last method is to use exciter expander; a good example is a 482i sonic maximizer by the BBE Company. This adds an extra life and vitality to the sound of music making the hill come alive.

If you incorporate all four of these methods you will attain a figure of around of twelve decibels (+12 dB) of gain which is four times as louder as your original sound system than what would be by using conventional speakers with passive crossover design and amplifiers.
I have been designing and building speaker sound systems for around twenty years now trying out different acoustic design enclosures and drivers. But my own personal sound system is a mixture from different companies and manufacturers, some of the manufacturers produce really good base product and some of the manufacturers make high-quality midrange and so on. You can't just use one particular brand of speakers (Turbo sound, Carlsbro, Fane, JBL, Peavey, Richard Alan) to attain a perfect flat response across the frequency range.
The ohm amplifiers I am using are a mixture as well but not a complete mixture, I am trying to use cs 250 cloud of Sheffield, hpr qsc mx QSC audio 3402, amplifier""yamaha and amplifier c-audio ra 3001,ra 3000. You can increase your base response by modifying your amplifier power supply, or build a second smaller power supply to run in conjunction with it and increase the electrolytic capacitors. I will chat little further in my blog on the subject of amplifier modifications

Arc Line strobe lighting cool disco bar show

Arc Line we have 58 meter's blue 24 meter green 12 meters red and 10 meter's pink very nice to see up high on the trilite stage rig over the dance floor. Each one of the mode electronics 2m Arcline strobe lighting tubes has 4 strobelight xenons.

Bar band disco hire equipment Philippines Luzon branch.

martin disco light disco hire baguio city
martin voyager disco light baguio city baguio hire a dicso
2 Martin Voyager and destroyer stage searchlight Voyager is a projects flashlight through a color gobo wheel and onto a rotating disc reflector. The light is focused through an optical lens to create an changing lighting effect with colors changing to the beats, gobos and beam rotation mixing pattern to the beat of the music. The spinning disc creates a wide angle of light with streams of beams effectively filling the projection on dance the floor area . The Voyager has 19 gobos 11 full diachronic and 3 split dichroic colors + 6 white. The Voyager is totally self-contained not DMX, reacting in time to the beat without the need for an external control.
575 Krypton martin stage light disco hire baguio city lighting pic 12 units Martin Mac 575 Krypton lights 575 W discharge torch 2 x 8 position color wheels plus open Motorized zoom and focus Mechanical dimming 9 static and 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism, blue Flight Case
Optikinetics trilite truss frame for stage hire baguiocity disco pic
Optikinetics trilite stage frame Philippines hire baguio city disco pic

One of the leading providers of aluminium truss, lighting gantry, trilite, tri lite and lighting truss for hire in Philippines dj and disco stuff. The Optikinetics trilite Series 200 Truss frame rig H.4m * W.6m *L.7m is the original aluminium truss Structural system for stage lighting hire equipment. OPTI Trilite truss Series 200 is used in most Exhibition, Retail and Entertainment applications in England. This 200 Ladders Truss – Trilite is very strong and robust in its structure. The aluminium truss lighting gantry can be arranged into much different type of configurations for different set-ups e.g. Pinoy fashion show, a new product launch or a concert music live performance.

strobe lighting disco hire baguio city hire stock pic We carry in our hire rental stock a large selection of flood stadium lighting strobes for the disco hire equipment use in all your ultimate dance audition shows and for the best development staging production can provide, with quality colours flashing disco strobe lighting 24 units in stock and 300 meters of mode electronics arcline sys in 4 colors. Second hand vintage strobe light and new luxury club strobe light systems available for trilite mobile concert stage or bar resort installations.
peavey Hi Sys 15 black widow driver 350w RMS A pair of Hi Sys speakers, these have a 15" black widow driver that can handle 350w RMS or 600 w Peak. Good for small dj speaker or outdoor event dance shows and fashion paradise.
disco lights par 56 hire lights baguio disco pic Fully transportable in dj disco hire equipment flight cases the Pinoy live band lights par 64 1000W and par 56 300W flood cans 32 units of each. Good for roll and rock live band Philippines Luzon Island and Baguio city high up on a Luzon mountain.
Dj Showtec Galaxy 1200 Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light. Dj Showtec Galaxy, Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light.The Galaxy 1200 is a state of the art centrepiece with a bright HMI-1200SA bulb gobo wheel contains 7 glass colors gobo's, made by dj Showtec lighting.