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I am Richard from England. but now just party in Baguio City every night! I have stopped here in the mountains for close to three year now. Just doing web work html JavaScript and learning how to make educational Thomas the tank games online for children to play in day time. A lot of the internet production time I draw kids coloring page pictures and teenage worksheet activates, some times these clip art illustrations are taking me about 8 hours in Photoshop on each image to finish so they look good. I am really trying to make nice family friendly sites, the best web site for kids with fun things to do. Also my birthday party hire equipment company, dj lighting and disco sound pa systems..!

How to be a Dj books

Dear Friend, My name is Danny Rampling. Do you aspire to be a great deejayDanny Rampling become more successful with your music Would you like to be successful in any walk of life? Do you want to fastrack your broadcasting career to the top? Do you dream of becoming a professional successful deejay Do you want to know more. Through 20 years of my experience as a leading international working in clubs, I will share with YOU my shock jock and music business secrets that will help you become more successful with your music and caree How to select the best music and how to develop your individual style, sound and collection How to select your hardware and set up your pancake turning console & equipment for optimal performance How to read and connect with your crowd How to use your senses and body posture How to understand the different types of sets and how to program your music for maximum impact Voted the No.1 by DJing Magazine Click Here! vintage twin DJ disco hire How to be a Dj book download
You have a very strong desire to develop your own style under the flashing fal disco lights. Our Learn To disk jockey Now videos will start you off with the basics of scratching and mixing. Ill Vibe Collective will show you, in the simplest of terms, how to break down and identify the best parts to scratch on a record. Click Here to get your dj downloaddj and disco stuff computer music
Click Here for the best price on TOP DJ disco hire books MPC Bangin Drums Influences: RZA, disk jockey Premier, Kanye West Instant Premo-style bangin MPC drums, chopped and mastered for that NYC feel. Over 110 kicks, snares, claps, hats, and drum loops in one monster package. Format 100 persent Royalty free 44.1 KHz, 16-Bit Wav & SND Files. Fully compatible with all Akai MPC's, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic only 29.99 Dollas
Inspired by Timbaland NEW Access the same sounds that inspired Timbaland to greatness. Over 70 mastered and chopped synth stabs, orchestral hits, crazy FX and rythmic drums, congas and hats. Inspired by Timbaland and world music, its all here - from dancehall to far Eastern sounds. Royalty free and available for instant, high-speed download. Order now.. Influences: Timbaland File formatting thats 100 persent Royalty free 44.1 KHz, 16-Bit Wav & SND Files. Fully compatible with all Akai MPC's, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic at just 29.99 dallas only,

101 disco mania play list remixs what we can play

The disco party dance sounds we can play at your big function night to keep the crowed moving to the beat with great dj and stuff top rock band tracks

Different vinyl types of musics we can play at your event partys the vast song playlists is from a very larger collection of 101 disco mania play list vinyls for turntable records CD's and dig musik equipment from the computer with specialized remixing software. The old time vintage vinyls go back to 1950 yes really we have some that old…! Dance disco karaoke, Rock and roll ,Hip hop, Rave, traditional Blues Bluegrass, Ballroom, Motown disco party,sequence dancing,school Children's party music, club trance music, trance, discothek 1980 pop songs, punk rock, funk baddy,classic jazz,1930s and 40s retro big band sound,techno, remixes house music, hip hop,electro, indie alternative, electronic music, 1970 disco, deep house,specialized dance, charts,birthday disco groovy funk,ricky martin salsa album, northen soul, heavy metal,rap,country and weston,classic R&B,mauro picotto, old skool, lots of Different Styles and tastes something to please all.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

black lighting

Black lighting or Ultraviolet light uv or this is electromagnetic radiation, the uv bulb admits a shorter frequency wavelength of uv lite than a standard bulb working in your house. There are 3 main types of uv bulbs, low pressure mercury vapor this is a discharge ultra violet bulb most suited for permanent installations. The black mercury vapor discharge bulb does not travel well, you can easily blow the uv lamps when moving a round, you have to wait till they are completely cold before they can be packed away. This mercury vapor uv floodlight gives a dark purple violet light. The ultraviolet rays are much darker than all the other black lights. This is really the best one to buy but the most expensive. This is great for 80's theme and 60's lightingUltraviolet light uv fluorescent blacklight tubes are the same as a standard fluorescent light, the coating phosphor is of a different variety of phosphor coating. fluorescent uv outdoor and indoor tube lamps come in 2 main sizes, 40 watt uv ,36 watt uv this which is the 4 feet lighting fixture and 20 watt uv ,18 watt uv which this is the 2 feet fixture. The 40 watt black light fluorescent uv fixture takes a normal flourescent light uv ballast. There is a normal black light bulb, the 100 watt----this fluorescent black light bulb with black light glass coating will fit a standard Edison screw fixture. This is ok if you’re going to have a BBQ party on your patio black light giving out its uv glow, it will give a good atmosphere black outdoor lighting fixture just to give the little extra good vibe to a party event.glowstick rave
Ultraviolet is used at techno rave parties to highlight the glow in the dark t shirts. These uv rave will have day glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow sticks necklaces, and green glow sticks. At the underground party all the rave clothing is illuminated in black light neon acid purple. They dance all night waving there handheld uv lights sticks in the air. Decorated around the rave venue, there will be uv ultraviolet back drops or maybe a giant dragon poster, a wizard uv purple and blue holding an ultraviolet wand or a 3D kaos back drop all uv glowing.
Most of the bands Entertainment service will have some uv black lights, some were on there setup. The uv lightbulb is great for discos to hire out to a 80's rock band, punk rock bands and a Philippine Asia rock band. Black Ultraviolet is not that much to purchase and a good enhancement to your exceptional quality mobile display.

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Eve parties

New Years Eve parties way hay hay HEHE It’s every Entertainers favorite night of the year you can charge 3 times your normal price of a entertainment and there is work all over the place. But what do you do when two of your most regular and valued customers both are demanding you to play there venue, for the dancing New Years Eve’s parties nights entertaining. This is the night where all your old stuff can come out to play and spilte your professional road show in two and do both of the entertainment venues. When I played new years eve Boston hotels, I really used to like the hotel appetizers, snacks and New Years Eve recipes. That Boston first night eating New Years Eve food was just a dream. The evenings grub is one of my favorite parts of any new year’s sellabration all with all the drink and party poppers. What New Years Eve eats ideas and appetizers will your local hotel be cooking up? this New Year 2009.New Years Eve fireworks
NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!, It’s the most awaited time for everyone looking forward to the fireworks displays and festivities . Planning a New Years Eve party night and the new Years events is one of the most exciting parties to do the New Years Eve Celebrations. People look awaiting to Celebrate New Years Eve fireworks displays as the clock chimes 12’o with the new years fireworks show flashing in the night sky masses of colored rockets and sparkling roman candles. The New Years Eve festive occasion ideas for your ballroom dancing new years eve bash, sellabrating games, decorations balloons ,streamers and hippie disco hat so you look the coolest one at the new years eve celebrations dance.

Original Stylus list

1. Acos GP65, GP67

2. Aiwa AP100C,AP-100C,DS-ST103,DSST103,N45,AN-4932,AN4932,M32,STY701,DN106ST,AN8745 AN38

3. Audio Technica AT91,ATN3472P STYLUS,AT6,AT5D,AT66,ATN3400 STYLUS

4. Bang & Olufsen SP1, SP2 Stylus

5. BSR ST8,BSR ST9, ST10 ,ST12,ST14,ST15,SC5H,X5H,HF35,ST16,ST17,ST18,SC12M,SC12H,HF42,HF43

6. Bush GC8 LP GCE12,Bush 210

7. Dual DN145S, DN140, ULM40S, ULM45S

8. EMI RS3, RS3 Stylus

9. Garrard GC2, GCE4,KS40S,KS41A,Sonotone 3509

11. Goldring G800 78 TIP

12. Hitachi DS-ST55,DSST55,HTL33,S2SM Styli




17. Marantz CT-551, TT551, CTS551,N67, P5X


19. Numark cc1,CS1,TT1600,

20. Ortofon Pros will fit Concorde OM Cartridges 2M Red,Epro

21. Philips GP-350, GP350 Styli GP401 Mk3, GP406 Mk3,GP400, GP500 Styli


23. Pioneer PN301,PN291T,PN10,PN11,PN14,PN20,PN15

24. Sanyo ST09D,ST40D DSN44 DSN47 Stylus

25. Sansui SN60, SN80, DAP550, PC313, N61, N66

26. Sharp CP101E, RP101E, SG35, STY128,STY146,STY111,STY101,N47,RP1122

27. Shure N35X Stylus,SS35C Stylus,N25C Stylus,N44-7 Stylus,N44G Stylus,N35S Stylus, N-WHLB Whitelabel,M44-7H,SS35CZ Stylus for SC35C

28. Sony ND15G,PSX6,XL15,PSX22,VL15G,XL15S,ND100G,ND100 G,EX2K,EX1K,ND200G,ND250G,ND200 G,PSLX500,XL250G,ND143G,PSLX10,VL43G,ND120P,ND120 P,ND119P,HP200,HP210

29. Sound LAB DLP1600,G056

30. Stanton dj 500AL, 500A, 500AA,500,D500AL,D 5107AL,N 500 V3 Spherical Stylus, 681 EEE MkIII, 400V3, G3,T3,DS3,D680AL MKII Stylus

31. Technics ATN3472P STYLUS,EPS33ES,EPS30ES

32. Tenorel N2001D,N2001

33. Tetrad T30M,T30 M,T30MD,T50MS,T50 M,T50HD

34. Toshiba N320C

35. Vestax VR 7S - STYLUS

citronic twin decks

From the 80's styles old citronic twin decks & mixer made in Great Britain! This Citronic's twin deck consoles were very common during the 1980's bashers to play the retro disco music vinyls. The Citronic Hawaii mk4 twin decks had a case made of wood. This had fitted Garrard turntables to spin your retro hippie groovy disco partys sounds. The Citronic Trent vinyl turntable quality decks has been used by many DJs, they spent the Saturday night stand behind one of these, frilling the hippie disco prom crowed with a rare vinyl disco retro remix of bee gee’s Saturday night fever disco sound. citronic ppx 900 The citronic Thames turntable is small, extremely lightweight and portable great unit for the mobile jock to do 80's theme nights. Citronic Tamar twin belt drive turntable Garrards decks… many old school disco songs at the retro disco have used the Citronic Tamar decks for the Motown tamla nights, northern soul 45's vinyls. Citronic record decks were one of the top names in the retro 80's discoing world. Citronics produced the a range of PPX‘s mosfet audio stereo units. Citronic ppx 1200 amp 2 x 600w Citronic ppx 900 amp 2 x 450w, Citronic ppx 450 amp 2 x 220w and Citronic ppx 300 amp 2 x 150 watts, these Citronic stadium retro amplifieers are still working well today. The vintage manufactures of Great Britain focused far more on quality than on high volume to cheap plastic. Vintage collecting of old disco and any of this Citronics equipment has a good place in retro Equipment collection.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pulsar Zero 4000 Pulsar Zero 3000

Pulsar Zero 4000  Pulsar Zero 3000Pulsar Zero 4000 is a four channel sound to light unit, each of if lighting channels can be Individual Switches giving an independents to the channels. There is a master dimmer control switch that gives a half power dim but if there is only a small loads on each channel the light tend to flicker a little but you wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed this out. The Pulsar zero 4000 utilize Individual flash buttons for each lighting channels theses are manually control, very easy to give I individual pulse to the channel. There is a Chase Speed control that allows chasing from a very slow Speed to very fast strobe Speeds. The sound input in on the back via a ¼ inch jack plug connector, and the power out is an 8 pin Bulgin socket outlet. Each channel has a Max power 5A 1200 watts, 12A Total. The Pulsar Zero 3000 light controller is exactly like the Pulsar Zero 4000 chasing controllers the only difference is Pulsar Zero 3000 is 3ch light Chaser not 4ch.
Pulsar Zero 4000 & Pulsar Zero 3000 are now classed as vintage retro lighting controllers but still very useable and reliable. For many years the industry standard Zero 3000 and 4000 units have held the top slot. Now Pulsar has produced the Pulsar Zero 4001 lighting controller. I am presently using two disco lighting Pulsars zero 3000’s as lighting sub zones. Doing this add 4 more channels and a much greater versatility to my NJD LOGIC 10 way switch.
Pulsar Lighting provides “Professional Lighting Control Systems for Entertainment and Architecture - PLASA - STLD - BEDA - ALD - ABTT”.
Pulsar 3 Coldhams Business Park, Norman Way, Cambridge, CB1 3LH, UK
Email: Tel: 44 (0)1223 403500 Fax: 44(0)1223 403501

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beyer dt100 headphones

Beyer dt100 headphonesBeyer dynamic DT100 is one of the best professional headphones on the market of DJ mixing headphones. The headphones sound is a professional noise, running to a similar quality as the sennheiser hd202 hi-fi stereo headphones. The beyer dt100 dynamic headphones are more suited for djs and recording studios, it’s not really for computer game playing the s 500 professional gaming headphones are more applicable for that type of applications. Beyer dt100 headphones have professional stereo headphones dynamic transducers fitted in it's ear cups. The dt100 Weight without cable is only 350 g. this is much better than some of the other professional stereo headphones for sale on the audio marker today.
Tech Spec:
Operating principle Closed. Frequency response 30 - 20,000 Hz. Nominal impedance acc. to IEC 60268-7 16 Ù ± 10% per cartridge, Nominal SPL acc. to IEC 60268-7 94 dB. Nominal THD acc. to IEC 60268-7 < 1%, Power handling capacity acc. to IEC 60268-7 1000 mW. Sound coupling to the ear Circumaural. Ambient noise isolation 20 dB (A). Average pressure on ear acc. to IEC 60268-7 4.5 N.

Philippines bar girl

There are many Philippine bar girls in the different city’s of the Philippines. The bad girls club girls at bar Makati city and disco bar manila are probably the most famous out of the entire night club girl bar’s Asian has. There are other big cities that have this kind of nightlife girl working in them, Angeles city bar girls are well now for the cyber sex bar Angeles city Philippines. Angeles bar girls work in the cyber sex cafés club little room in front of a webcam for only a small amount of money. The nightlife in Philippines angels city bars and hotels is Fields Avenue this is the main street in the city. Fields Avenue has most of the big angeles city girls bars along it road. The Filipina bar girls working in these angeles city bars do long hours most of the girl bars are open 24 hours a day serving out drinks to there customers. The price of entrance is normally free but to get a drink is quit expensive. Angeles city Philippines is also famous for the Clark airport not just the bar girls in Angeles city. Next on the list of dance club girl scandal Baguio city, there are lots of nightclub girl working in this city. Baguio city is the summer capital of the Philippines. How to pick up girls at a bar? Girls in the club night life are easy to pick up you just have to get the Asia bargirl a drink or two. The hot club girls and boys club macho dancer put on a stage show under the lighting of a single helicopter light, that would make any professional dance choreographer cringe in there boots. Most of the Asian club girl in the club bars don’t like doing there job but don’t really have much choice, some are single mums others have to support there families and are really nice people, but there are some Philippine bar girls that do that work just because it’s an easy option. I have been a visitor to the girls club & bars to do market research on the sound and lighting in these places. The lighting is mostly of a pore quality with just a 100 mw green laser as the main effect. But most people don’t really bother about the disco lighting when they are a visitor to this sort of establishment. The Asia bar girls of club land industry really is the bad side of the disco industry when you compare it to a disco of a wedding or family party. Philippine bars Angeles city fly the flag i.e. the Jolly Roger flag for how the Philippines is viewed in the eyes of the world. .

Friday, December 26, 2008

Laser crab

Laser crabLaser crab Laser light, manufactured by Soundlab. Sound lab was foundered in 1978 by Dr. Roger West and Dr. Dale Ream. The Lazer crab has a black plastic case Housing this laser device gives 16 preset geometric patterns using its Class 3A red laser output 5mW. It comes at a very affordable price and is the ideal laser system for mobile DJs, dj karaoke, drinking bars small nite clubs. This disco laser effect is best applied in two or more light box units. How to set up DJ lasers, place then as high as you can get them so they scan the laser beams projecting down but please avoid direct eye exposure to the club laser. How to fix your crab Laser to the Lightruss? By use a standard g-clamp or h-clamp and a safety chain. The Laser crab Dimensions are 80x140x190mm and Weight 0.413kg.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ipod accessories idj 2

Ipod accessories idj2Ipod accessories idj 2
ipod touch, apple, ipod touch case, ipod touch skins, ipod touch cases so many accessories available for your ipod but for the cyber DJ the Ipod Newmark idj 2 Music Console is probably the best and most fun ipod accessory you can get. For any Virtual DJ this is a well made and small but powerful digital audio accessory of your ipod that you can’t really go without having on your musical instruments collection. This unit is comparable with the Technics 1200's, Pioneer DMJ-600 DJ Mixer, reloop Digital Jockey and all the rest of the great djing tools. The Numark iDJ2 is the only Numark iPod mixing console that provides full control of your music having real–time scratching, scratch music with Seamless looping and external USB hard drives through rear panel USB ports.
Integrated ipod slot with adjustable mount, Pitch control
Large backlit display with revolutionary user interface
Real-time visuals include track profiles and waveforms
Record to an ipod or other connected usb media
Facilitates mixing with three or more USB hard drives or apple ipod's with usb hub
Many usb ports to plug in ipods, memory keys and hard drives
Play music off two ipods simultaneously, play two songs off same ipod
Formats supported multiple file formats including mp3, ogg vorbis, flac
Pitch control with multiple ranges up to +/- 100%
Beatkeeper technology with tap override function
Scratch and search ability via two large jog wheels
Xml playlist support
Usb keyboard support

How can I fix my stereo amplifier

There are lots of things that could be wrong with your audio power amplifier; the most frequent problem is the sound engineer. They properly not connected one of the wires to speaker correctly or the Audio speaker channel may not be selected. How to fix a stereo amplifier shows no sing of life. The power cord may be damaged or the fuse in the plug, try other lead to see if it’s the lead. There will problem be an external fuse on the back of your stereo transistor amplifier 20 mm fuse. If there are ok then you will have to open your stereo amplifier to see the electronic circuits in side, making certain that your have switch it of before you open the case. There will be some internal fuse have a look to see if they have blow test with your multi meter, after doing this cleaner the in side of the transistor amplifier. What is the best stereo amplifier cleaner? A new small paint brush and a vacuum cleaner get all the dust and dirt out of your electronic amplifier circuits. Then clean the printed circuits board PCD with some PCD cleaning fluid this can be perchance from any good electrical repair or electronics shop. After you have got the Audio power amplifier circuits looking new let if fully dry of before testing. DO NOT USE YOUR VACUUM CLEANER TO DRY IT. If your amplifier still dose not work it will probably be best to then take it to an amplifier repair shop so they can fix it. Because the disco repair shop no how a stereo amplifier works and will have all the schematic diagram of stereo amplifier circuit diagrams and most of the electronic components required to fix a operational amplifier circuits.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marshall amplifiers top 20

Marshall amplifiers top 20
1. Marshall Valvestate 20 amp
2. Marshall MG10CD Guitar practice amp
3. Marshal mg15cd guitar amp
4. Marshall MG15DFX 15W Guitar Amp
5. Marshall MG 30 DFX Amp
6. Marshall MG50DFX Amp
7. Marshall MG 80 GUITAR AMP
8. Marshall MG100DFX 100W Guitar Amp
9. Marshall AVT20 Valvestate guitar combo amp amplifier
10. Marshall 65R Valvestate 65 Watt Guitar Amplifier
11. Marshall VS100H Valvestate Guitar Amp head
12. Marshall Valvestate VS102R guitar amp
14. Marshall Bluesbreaker 2x12 combo amp
15. Marshall AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp
16. Marshall JTM60 valve amp head vintage Amplifier
17. Marshall GR30CD Amp
18. Marshall AS100D 50W+50W acoustic Guitar Amp
19. Marshall Microstack MG15MSII guitar amp
20. Marshall JVM 215c Amp

Electronic services engineer required.

I am after an Electronic services engineer to help with the general repairs, with a good Electronic level of understanding circuits designs, electronic schematics, electronic circuits and disco light effect with schematic diagram in manuals. Knowledge of vintage retro disco equipment is required and the ability to work without service manuals. This position is in Baguio city. If you live in Baguio and have knowledge of the equipments listed below, please e-mail me at:
Argon Laser Krypton Laser Power Supply Design, Black Light uv, HID Lamps Electronic Ballast,Digital timer light switch zero volts switching, Diode Laser Power Supplies, Sapro disco light controller, Pulsar disco style Strobe Light Xenon Strobo light,DMX lighting DMX disco light schematic diagram light DMX software, NJD Electronic Touch Dimmer,coemar disco four channel dimmer rack, He Ne gas laser power supply, Lampo Lamp Dimmers, Kremesa Disco Lamp flasher dimmer, Laser diode driver circuit, Disco Laser power supply tank power supply, LED Audio VU Meter on amps, Dj LED Display controller, Led flasher with audio,LED Mood Light LED Photo Sensor Circuit, Lampo ufo disco Light chaser and Light Switching,Magic Lights clay paky Lighting,Compute Microcontroller Multi channel Light Dimmer Controllers,
Motor Light Controller Dimmer Motor speed control,Neon lamp dimmer, Neon Sign Transformers,Plasma ball, Power supply 20 Watt for fluorescent tube lighting,IR transmitter circuit IR audio receiver, Strobe controlling using RS-232 port computer interface, Stroboscope trigger circuits, Tri Color LED Controller using Serial Interface, TRIAC light dimmer Circuits, Wireless IR headphones receiver & transmitters.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Philippines disco coverage areas

The areas in the Philippines that we will cover doing our system of digital audio music and mobile night club illumination lighting are Pasig Philippines, disco Manila , Philippines, disco’s Quezon City Philippines, night club Cebu Philippines, disco bar in Makati Philippines, are all in the south of the island of the Philippines sound system rental in the north Luzon areas are disco bars Fields Avenue Angeles city Pampanga , Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, night clubs in La Union, Hundred Islands of Pangasinan and San Fernando City. We can provide the most technologically lights for special occasions in all these Province, Ifugao in the Cordillera, Philippine ethnic dance of Kalinga and Mountain Province, Apayao. Cagayan. The second largest province Isabela II Queen of Spain. Nueva is”new song” Spanish Vizcaya, Quirino, Tuguegarao Airport TUG and City, Benguet, Baguio City session road. If you require a function for sound and lighting please give use a call.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Designing speaker enclosure

When you’re designing the development of a loud speaker enclosure it’s very important to get the right box size to match the speaker you’re going to place in the box. You can have two different types of the bass speaker of 15 inch and each speaker will need to be different size box enclosure to the other one. Every speaker driver has its own operating Liter volume which gives the best acoustic design match. The shape of the box is very important; a square box is a very bad design of enclosure for a loud speaker.
The best design is to have the sides top and bottom all different lengths, the maximum bass frequency of box enclosure can reproduce is across the diagonals from one corner to corner, for this is the longest distance each length inside the box has its own frequency, so lots of different frequencies is very cool for a nice harmonic sound . This is why the square box design is a very bad design because all the sides are the same size producing one single frequency which is amplified much greater than all of the other frequencies, if you were to play the piano through a square box speaker, and goes down the scales you would find that one of the notes will be amplified much more than the other notes. A good quarter design is to have a flat frequency response across its frequency ranges.
If you get crystal glass and flick it with your finger it will make a sound, this sound is the restaurant frequency of the glass. In the same way the box has its own restaurant frequency, and the speaker has its own resonant frequency, it is not good to have the box restaurant frequency and the speakers restaurant frequency the same. If you’re building a bass speaker, then the box restaurant frequency should be lower than speaker frequency. This will give a better bass speaker role off. If you wish to make your box slightly smaller you can reduce it by 20% and fill the box with rock wool. The rock wool will slow the air down by 20% give in back of the box its original restaurant frequency. If the size of your box is slightly too large, then you’ll get a booming sound and a discoloration of the sound produced by the box. This is OK for boy racer car systems. If the enclosure is slightly too small you’ll get a tighter bass response and be able to drive the speaker much harder from your amplifying system but to you’ll lose overall output. A good horn design should give a round of three decibels of gain. Some Common designs of horn enclosures are the folded horns, w bins, scoop bins and altecs. The design of the horn is very critical to the sound it produces for mid range speaker. A true exponential curve shape is needed to reproduce clean sound. For a bass application, the design of the horn should the hyperbolic, this stops the bass from rolling of so sharply. A Ported speakers also known as the Dutch port. This is where the port puts the sound 180° out of faze, it gets the sound from the back of the speaker which is 180° out of faze to the front of the speaker. This cancels out the faze bringing the sound back in faze again at the front of the speaker cabinet with the driver amplifying the two sounds.

NJD logic 8000 SB lighting controller

NJD logic 8000 SB NJD logic 8000 SB is a four channel dimmable light controller each of its channels can be individual dimmed running a power pack of 10A allowing loads of 2000 Watts to use on each of the channels, the total Max working load is 20A. The NJD 8000 SB logic controller is suitable for live rock groups, fashion show lighting, pantomimes lighting and theater lighting. This micro-processor controlled theatrical lighting system produced 24 chase patterns background and foreground pre-set levels using Sound Activation Sound to Light, beat and can do cross-fade over its channels.NJD DP1000X There are manual Flash buttons and a Speed controlling the changing rate of the auto-synchronized chase speed and the option to do blackout or flood light. NJD logic 8000 SB has a dual 7 Pin Elv-con power Output sockets. There is a power expansion pack available NJD DP1000X analogue non DMX dimmer pack giving Additional handling of wattage. NJD light dimmers are really made to a high stranded of reliability so they will live a long life. The NJD DP1000X slave dimmer has the same circuitry as the Logic 8000 inside it.


How much is a vintage disco lights? I have had a set of old FAL lights for my disco from nearly when I first started doing disco’s in the village halls around Kent.PA Mobile rental rare item to find square illuminating box screen FAL disco vintage light boxersI often still take these out when I do some ones’ disco party; I have all this Pro-lighting type of scanning moon flower effect with multi-colored rotating moon beams sweeping light across the dance floor. But do you know what light does get the most comments out of all the things I have for my disco sound system! It’s the good old days lighting of the FAL’S. If you have a mobile light show and see some of these disco lights for sale get them, it will be a much better purchase pound for pound than any other light you can acquire. The things that look a bit out of place are the things people will remember. I take to my sound gigs an old table lamp with a red light bulb fitted init and place it on top of my amplifier rack, many people find this funny but it’s good for illuminating my dj box so I can see what rare soul vinyl is next in the play list. FAL disco vintage light boxers don’t take all that much room up in your disco van. The ones in the disco picture are the single units; there is a double height and a square box light screen. The square disco screen light is a rare item to find, I have never seen them on sale at any of the disco retailers shops, only on other dj lighting equipment leasing.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tacky light tour va

Tacky light tourTacky light tour, crazy Christmas lights just what lighting you will be putting up this crazy Christmas for your xmas lighting displays. Do you have competitions with your nay bars to have the biggest richmond christmas light displays using the most crazy christmas lights.


Hotel hall venue function halls for hire hotels hall functions hire just what Hotel hall or events hall venue you pick to have your ultimate disco birthday party in. If you’re on a bit of a budget Boy Scout hall hire is probably one of the cheapest of room hall hiring to have your super disco party in that you can get. The next best one to get is the church hall for hire this normally will have good facilities but the church hall hire will probably have a strict time restriction on the building and a noise limiter fitted.HOTEL HALLWith the modern day computer dj using lighting DMX software for PC it’s not so good at all to have the power cut of for 15 seconds when the music goes over 97 dB’s . So try to avoid hall hire in where there is a limiter on noise fitted. School hall hire this is for your slightly bigger function and you mite no get it for a 18th or 21st birthday. The sort of people that can get school hall hire for there function is corporations parties , stage theatrical groups, fashion show event, theater and pantomimes. If it your party is not such a bad place to get the venue closed to your house so ever one can have a beer so village hall hire and town hall hire its no bad to get home from after you’ve have had your disco dance the night away to swinging big band sounds and funky town vinyl boogie across your dance floor. The private hall venues in your town will most likely a small reception hire room which your can have with the main halls for hire in or out the price. It’s better to have to two rooms so you can have the food separate to the disco hall to hire them both will make for a better nights entertainment. The top place is the hotels hall you will have to choices to do your own catering in the lounge hall hired room or you can get a package deal from the hotels hall bar and caterers. So now you know you what hire hall to get.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk3 DJ CD Deck Player

Pioneer CDJ 1000Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 CD turntable Pioneer’s Disco Biscuit 7-inch jogdial has a high sensitivity to the Mixing Essential dance the night away sound you’re trying to prejudice. The metallic non-slip finish gives the DJ desk jog dial wheel and Jog Display, the big discotheque sound that your will find in any of the ultimate disco party’s. The CDJ-1000 MK3 unit has many Performance Controls Hot Cue Memorizes up to 3 cue points per CD A, B or C buttons to choose from (sampler)mini vocal stabs, sampler and breaks, Hot Loop , Quick Start , Reverse toggle switches, Real Time Seamless Loop continuously Looping, Loop Adjust In / out Adjust, Reloop , Memory CDJ-1000 MK3 ,MMC-Multi media card , Memory Internal Removable MMC (Multimedia Card) stored on a memory card (SD) ,Wave Data , Pioneer Cue / Loop Memory , Shock-Proof so no sound jumping, CD Control CDJ-1000 MK3,Jog Dial size 206,0 mm ,Jog Dial type Touch sensitive ,Jog Modes CDJ /rare Vinyl records Vinyl Mode ,Pitch Bend , Pioneer Pro-Audio Scratch Play / Cue , Quick Scratch After searching Track Fader Start / Back Cue start , Relay Play , Frame Search 1/75 Sec ,DJ Vinyl Speed Adjust , Tempo CDJ-1000 MK3 ,Master Tempo Control , DJ BPM Counter , Front loading Slot-In CD , Cue Functions CDJ-1000 MK3, CD Auto Cue , Manual Cue , Real Time Cue , Cue point sampler audio sound, Display CDJ-1000 MK3, Wave Display ,Playing Address , General CDJ-1000 MK3 ,Media Loading Type Slot, Anti Vibration , Analogue Output 1 stereo RCA ,Digital Output , Type of Discs 12 & 8cm CDs ,Disc Format CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 CD MP3 MPEG-1 32Kbps - 320 Kbps / MPEG-2 16 Kbps - 160 Kbps ,MP3 Folder Search , Pioneer have really pushed the boat out on this Professional night club sound unit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cheapest disco bargains.

Often when I lived in England, I would find Professional night club lighting & sales of disco gear at a rock bottom price that it was nearly impossible to say no to. But the only snag was that the Disco light suppliers would be at the other end of the country. I lived in the east midlands on the east coast; this means that it wasn’t too bad to get in any place in England from there. Here are some of the locations I went to pick up all kinds of things for the disco. Event Lighting Hire ltd, London – for a multi color laser, Trilite 200 is from Luton. Helium neon red laser form Birmingham lighting sound and light, that was not too bad because I worked there occasionally as my day job as a GEC electronics system engineer. The shops in Coventry, Sheffield, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Mansfield, Stamford, Bedford and Ipswich are the places that could fit in with my work schedule. In that way I was very lucky getting paid to visit all the disco shops. Nearly every lunch time break would be in some disco shop in some part of the country. I would purchase nearly any broken lighting units and have it fixed in a matter of days on most of the stuff. Some times the shop proprietors would question me on disco equipment, YES it should be the other way round. These other type of location, I had to do in my own time because it was out of my coverage area in London, Thames Ditton, Watford, Brentford, Poplar, Bletchley and Reading, famous for the Reading rock festival. Its not so hard doing whole days of traveling knowing when you’re driving home you have a one-off wonder in the back of your disco van.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Computer DJ numark.

Numark Total Computer DJ is software and hardware all in one package for the up and coming DJ. This Numark product come with a small box called jdio this is the USB audio interface box that links it to your computer. USB 2.0 and normal audio connectors Stereo RCA jacks to connect to the mixer.Numark Total Computer DJ This is similar to an external USB sound card. This takes the sound signal out the computer and into it again. This Total Computer DJ in a Box package comes with the Numark HF125 headphones. The headphones set HF125 have 7-position flexible adjustable softly padded with a nice feel to the ear with its 40mm cups. Total Control mixer is setout well having two wheels to do the scratching on; the crossfader is in a low position making the job of slicing up the songs a real bless. Also coming with EQ knobs you can just mix in just the bass if you want. MIDI compatible with most of the DJ software that is available. Professional–level DJ software is all you need to provide the most technologically wild sound to make the dance floor jumping with your Disco Mix Club remixes.

Egg Strobes

Egg StrobeEvery one know that the Egg Strobes is laid by the disco duck, it depends on what day of the week it is to what color Strobes egg you will get, clear red, blue, green and yellow.
The disco Eggs have a standard lamp Edison Screw socket fitting, this make them quick to install. The consumption of power is very low, about 5 Watts each egg light Strobe. The xenon strobe light bulb should last about 10 million flashes. There is an adjustment speed variable control allowing a frequency range of 1 (1Hz) cycle per second on its slowest speed and 12 (12Hz) flashes per second at full speed. The problem with most strobe lighting is the faster you have the strobing going the flash is not so bright. The name of this light comes from its design. Egg Strobes can be used outdoors or Indoor, there is a Rubber gasket that makes it water proof.The Egg Stobe is about 4 inches in height and Weigh 165g. the plastic egg Optional cover can be purchased separately so new colored replacement heads are not a problem or you could change to color depending on what light show your putting on. Replacement covers can be purchased for Techni-Lux. This light is not so good on its own if you only have one of them but if you have about 15 – 20 disco Egg Strobes it makes a really nice effect of lighting, they are best placed above the heads of the crowed. There is other style of Edison Screw Strobe lights, the Easy Flash E27, this is just about the same as the strobing egg.Easy Flash E27 If you ever take a strobe apart, be very careful, there is still a high voltage stored on it, even when switch off, it’s stored in the electrolytic capacitor. The first thing to do is to short out the capacitor with an insolated screw driver. The capacitor will look like a tiny tin of coca-cola with two wires coming out of it and a marking "uf". Any electrolytic capacitor must be wired in the correct way round. This component is polarized, there is a + positive and a – negative.xenon strobe
In the circuit diagram, the C1, C2 and C3 are the electrolytic capacitor. On the main capacitors on your strobe circuit, you can wire in a 1M (1 Mega ohm) 1 watt Resistor, this will make the circuit of the strobe safer for working on. The T1 is a trigger coil, the output of this coil going to the L1 xenon strobe bulb at a voltage of about 4000 volts. These causes a spark in the xenon bulb which ionizes the gas allowing the power supply to discharge through the xenon tube.strobe circuitThe xenon gas is excited and as it discharges it releases photons, this gives the bright flash. If you want to increase the brightness of your strobe, you can add an extra capacitor to the circuit but don’t go more that about 35 % or you will burn out the xenon bulb but doing this will make the life span of the bulb shorter. 10 million flashes will become 2 million flashes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Booking a disco

How do you get the work for your disco that’s the big question? The first thing to-do is to get some business cards made! Then go round the news paper fish and chip shop and put your disco card in there window. A local wedding shop or local flower shops in your town is very good because that’s one of the placers were people go when planning there local wedding function at the school hall or were ever they are going to have the disco nightlife for the wedding reception. Also the village’s local food shops and the local gift shop most of these places will have a small notice board where you can place you disco beats advertising card for free.disco light Place a news paper add in your towns free news paper only do a small advert in the classified section, saying something like this “ DISCO HIRE PHILIPPINES music for all occasions. Call Richard on 00639296085139” and run the advert in the weekly news paper every two weeks.At the same time the local magazine advertising is helpful some churches create newspaper for there village Parrish this is a local free magazine and not much money to display disco Entertainments. The local magazine that is all fancy and glossy pagers give it a miss. Just go with the black and white. You will soon see the advance news paper can give you. The yellow pages is very good you will soon get your money back from placing your advert place two adds in there a medium size add in the disco section and a small add in the entertainment section.
Next is to Wright a letter with some disco pictures of your disco setup on it and what you can provide don’t go too over the top in the description saying you can fly round the church hall with the microphone like supper man just stick to batman its much safe. Once you have compiled your fibulas disco event portfolio post it out to all the collage’s University and schools staff school administrators. High school disco they are very good for getting repeat stage hire work from. The school disco party is not hard work but your school musical disco playlist must be very up-to-date so make sure you’ve have had a good visit to the record shop in local city to get the latest DJ playlist. Other good social groups to get your name to are youth clubs and the scouts group it’s a similar type of sound to play as the disco high school musical. If you should get a chance to play your disco at a scout jamborees do this cheap or even for free just to make sure you get the booking, just ask for a donation to cover you petrol to get you there and back. At a scouting jamborees there can be 10,000 young people to see your live stage show & concert disco lighting all having 18th and 21st birthday partys to come in the future. So do you see why working your musik disco for free for one night isn’t so silly?
Entertainments agency and djs agency yes this is a nice source of work the disco agency will take about 15% plus vat (tax) of the money but will send you work sometime 3 times more that you would normally get. Look round for a good entertainment agency companies for your quality Disco light show, there’s lots to choose from. Pick agents that is relevant to your style of music if you’re a disco hip hop DJ don’t go for a rave agency. If you live in England don’t go for a New York agency, Just get on from your vicinity of the country. The talent management company will send agent agency worker out to a locali disco that you’re doing to see your stage performance and worldwide talent. The management new talent agency work may not introduce him self at first but he will probably just observe your DJ dub and microphone chatting to see if booking a DJ like you is in accordance to the talent management agency standards. So after you’ve done all this when people say “how to book a DJ” they will know the answerer because they will have your number.

Wiring up the disco

After you have got all the musical equipment, stage truss and concert lights into there correct place for your party, its time to wire in the mains supply.32 amp 3 pin IP44 Sockets  with Plugs Most of those village halls stagers don’t have the adequate power supply to run a large mobile roadshow or metal band for the Events & Parties, that these town halls put-on, it’s only the college campus & University that really have the correct power supply to cater for every function. So this is how I fix the problem I have made a 75 meter double extension lead in armed screen cable with 2* 32 amp 3 pin IP44 Sockets with Plugs on it. This gives me an extra 64 amps of power to the stage, that’s about 16,000 watts more to play with! That sounds a lot of power but it’s soon consumed, a smoke machine is 3000 watts. I try to wire the extension into the kitchen power supply out the window round the side of the party hall and back into the hall onto the back of the stage. Doing this I can run the sounds and lights of a different wiring circuit. Even if you are running a small PA Systems with some discotheque light affects is always best practice to split up the two power feeds so effects lighting on one and the sound on the other.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


SL-DZ1200 TURNTABLE comes with the world famous SL Direct Drive SL-1210MK2 motor inside the Technics player with Forward and Reverse Option. This now dose allows the mobile disc jockey to make a perfectly smooth sound mix from vinyl transforming in to the land of compact discs.
Disc jockey can create necessary Audio experience with the incorporation CD-RW, CD-MP3, SD Audio Card & compact discs, using the same beat matching cutting, slicing, scratching and dropping mixing techniques as the old and loved SL1210 mk2. State of the art features Tempo Control: ±8%/16%/33%/50% Pitch Lock and a Platter Size of 270mm. This is all a long way from the disco units of the 80's 70's, to play your top 10 disco dance songs. I hope Technics don’t make a robot DJ else we will be all down the job center.

Friday, December 12, 2008

TWIN DECKS Vintage disco

Cloud Series 10 Twin Decks Vintage Garrard.Cloud Series 10 Twin Decks Vintage Garrard. This deck has the usual high quality of clouds manufacturing DJ equipments. It’s a three channel mixer 2 channels for the twin Garrard decks and the 3RD channel is a tape or compacted disc input. The 4th sliders is for the microphone input. This has a great degree of control over the microphone sound with it's 3 band filters. Other Cloud twin decks are the Cloud Series 9 (Cloud 9), and Cloud Series 8. All these are from about the 1980’s.
FAL DECK PROFESSIONAL DISCO is the next model up fro the FAL (Futuristic Aids Ltd) ranger deck. This deck has its own power amplifier around 300 watts with a nice feature on the Turntables DJ unit is the built in graphic equalizer. The two goose neck lights are most useful to light up the records with out giving too much light in the DJ area. FAL Stereo console is from 1981 but the turntables are Garrard Disco 1980 Driver. Futuristic Aids Ltd based in Henconner Lane, Leeds Yorkshire LS13 4LQ.
The deck has a 5 channel equalizer, microphone input, music source control for lining up the next song with a 5 channel LED display, this headphone monitor has good volume to the headphone. The deck has a built in mono 150 watt amplifier. This Citronicis is an all round good design of DJ desk for discotheque. The decks start and stop switchers are well placed. For over 30 years Citronic has been manufacturing disco equipment.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lighting theatrical

Getting the correct theatrical light for the performing arts center theatrical light jobs is really challenging. working along side the theatre lighting technician is probably one of the hardest lighting jobs, so when the Stage curtains go back all the theatrical lighting gel, lighting props, theatrical lighting fixtures and lighting backdrops are in theatres proper location according to the visual and special effect of the technicians specifications. Theatrical light is different in every theatrical performance. Some of theatre stage props require remote control switching of the scene props or even a dedicated lighting unit. Once we had to make theatre props for a witches’ cauldron, we utilized a 4 channel lighting theatrical unit to do the fire and the green light projecting out the cauldron on to the witches face. Lighting theatrical is my favorite kind of hire work but at the same time gives me the most stresses. Lighting stage theatrical work is not for a beginner in the theatre prop hire and theatre, concert lighting world. There are about 3 people looking after the theatrical lights to give the theme lighting for event planners of the performing arts center lighting technician plan of the theatres show. This makes sure that the scenery, theme props, special effects like strobe lighting and Le’ Maitre Pyro Flash (PyroFlash) Pod are at the right Variable Angle to cover the stage. Designers who specialize in Live Event for the Performing Arts Is much harder to do compared to permanent installation of stage theatrical lighting to fit it with the theatre terms for the live performance.
We have a great advantage as a Creative Stage Lighting's company here in the Philippines because we can provide stage trussing and lighting from the top theatrical lighting manufacturers. If you wish to try to enter in to the Lighting theatrical sphere of stage theatrical lighting hire start doing a small local village hall pantomimes shows.

Disco scanner

Disco scanner gel 36 this style of club scanner has been on the disco bar and lighting theatrical plane for many years, the par 36 pinspot scanner disco light is truly a retro 80'S lighting unit. These DJ scanners users a par36 pin spot bulb and is a stand alone unit on DMX just spot scanner Lighting Effect with 90 Degree Rotation backward and forward. This light scanner will have fitted a par 36 35 watt bulb. I have a bank of 4 of thease moving head scanners. I use blue filter gel 36 to give a stunning disco blue light display across the dance floor. If you’re just starting out in building your model disco system a par 36 lighting scanner is a good and not to expensive addition to your light show. If you have multiples of the par36 lights scanner’s you can assign them to disco channel on your light controlling. The par 36 spot light gives a really good atmosphere to you lighting theatrical or party.

Kremesa Cosmo 20

Kremesa cosmos full size two axis revolving light effect club professional DJ lighting of the 1980KREMESA COSMO ball 20 head lighting lamp ROTATE SPIN BALL EFFCT. From Italy this is some times none as a galaxy ball I that’s 20 heads with the par 36 12 vote bulbs fitted to the lighting effect. The 12 vote bulbs are wired in series dropping 12 votes across each par 36 bulb making a total of 240 votes as it lighting consumption. The motors should run on 50 Hz. But now I have this disco light in the Philippines and the frequency is 60 Hz, the Kremesa Cosmo 20 nightclub effect gives light show to exceed your greatest expectations, but now I run in on a dimming disco controller, so I can adjust the speed of the disco ball so it dose spin at the 60 Hz ok, compared to the 50 Hz it dose really make a difference to the motor speed. The Italian lighting Par 36 Kremesa cosmos ball is from the age of Vintage Disco’s old school light equipment range it’s about 1984. This light is of good design but the part where the main shaft dose connected to the spinning arm is a little weak. I will have to reinforce this with a metal sleeve and weld its shaft in place, so the COSMOS, 20 Par 36 ball will spin with out rocking about. I am going to position all green par 36 bulbs in this light now, the ones with the ink dye not the plastic filter type.
I originality purchased this two axis revolving light effect from Leicester sound and light Ltd 16 Morris Road Clarenden Industrial Estate Leicester LE2 6BR. Tel: 0116 2713222. Big show Disco Italian lighting spinning Par 36 Kremesa cosmos ball with 20 par 36 lamps installedFrom a man call Dave Morris who was the shop manager. This was a good disco shop hiring out some large stage & concert lighting units. When I got this disco special FX apparatus it was in bad need of a service and repair, I obtained it as, sold as seen for spear parts. Sold as seen is the way I like to acquire my disco things, for it’s not such a large job for me to fix equipment and restore the disco gadgets back to there former glory. The only real problem with the Kremesa ball light is the transportation of this club light, it really requires a proper DJ flight case to house this disco nightclub effect..

Have a look at this Youtube Vintage Disco’s video this is the Kremesa cosmos 20 ball in its full action. This is full-size club professional DJ lighting of the 80’s

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disco Philippines LED light.

LED PAE36 CANLED’S light emitting diode is probably the biggest change to the lighting industry for a long time.BLUE LEDS An LED is a semiconductor diode that emits light (Electroluminescence) when a low voltage electric current is applied. The LED lighting technology has bean around for a long time but it’s only in the last 10 years it has really come into its own with the super bright LED’S going into par 36 and par 56 lighting cans. Apart from the traditional can lights now come the DMX lighting systems in strips lights and display panels. These are a good Solution for Restaurants, Ballrooms, Foyers, Stores, Trade Displays, Clubs, Bars, Showrooms, Runways, Stages, Theatre, and Light Displays.LED lightThese 108 LED CLS lighting Compact Pro Panels can provide an infinite number of color possibilities 16.7 million colors using DMX the LED’S used are a mixture of red, green, and blue to produce, via RGB electronic mixing. This panel features a 25° narrow beam angle, master and slave auto program and music trigger, 6 channel DMX operation, and 108 10mm LED’S rated at 100,000 hours (36 red, 36 blue, 36 green). The total power draw is less than 18w that’s very small compeered to the standard par 56 with its 300 watt bulb and theoretically over 60 units can be powered from a single domestic power supply of 13 amps.Thanks to the 108 LED’S, The CLS 108 LED Compact Pro Panels emits virtually no heat for such high light visualization and will not cause fading or discoloration when placed near displays and exhibits. DMX LED’S lights It's also extremely energy efficient and economical to operate. Channel Function: (1) RGB dimmer (master), (2) Red dimmer, (3) Green dimmer, (4) Blue dimmer, (5) RGB Chase, (6) Various Color Strobes. The CLS 108 LED Compact Pro Panels comes with a mounting a built-in power supply and DMX 512 control to interface to the Computer controlled DMX lighting software for PC, and a 3-pin XLR serial data connection, inbuilt microphone sound-active programs and sensitivity control.The CLS 108 LED Compact Pro Panels are suitable for any application where you just want to add color washes to a lighting installation. This unit is equipped with 108, 10mm LED’S for an ultra bright colour and features DMX-512 or onboard auto functions. All CLS LED products are energy conscience consuming very little power.

XLR connectors how to wire up

XLR connectors how to wire upYou may ask how can I do the wiring up of a XLR for my sound sistem and what pins are what? There are so many different types of connectors to use in Pro Audio Snake design but the most common is the XLR connector for the stage snake Cables and splitters. A sound snakes are Musical Instrument Cables to link the rock groups mixing desk to the stage box for a live concert or to a patch for professional studios. You will find the XLR fitting on many varieties of Pro-Audio vocals band & Theatrical Equipment on guitar Cables, mic Cables speaker Cables, u19 racks and even on some of the newer DMX lighting. Pin (1) right hand channel, Pin (2) the center pin is the earth ground and that is the one that cable screen goes to, if your cable has three wires and a screening, put the both to pin two, Pin (3) left hand channel. XLR connector for the stage snake Cables and splitters
Try to put the XLR in to a small vice before doing the soldering of your wires. Make sure you have put the XLR cover on before you start the soldering. Wait till the soldering iron is hot then apply some solder to the wires, this is called tinning your wire. Then solder the wires in to the XLR fitting, if it starts to get too hot, stop for a time to cool down. It’s very easy to melt the plug with too much heat. Keep the wire very still in the operation or you will get a dry joint, this will not last long and can give a bad sound. The solder must have gone hard before you can move the wire, it’s about 15 seconds. Test the XLR with your multi meter to see if it’s all on the right places and no pins shorting out then put the cover back on. So that’s how to wire up XLR plugs. Now you are ready to put your new disco wire it to action.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit photoYou mite ask what has a first aid kit got to do with running a disco?

Well on the second week of January after the big run of the festive Christmas disco season, my hands & arms have lots of cuts, bruisers and scratches (not the mixing scratches).

Taking a big sound & lighting unit in and out of hotels, pubs, bars, village halls, and palladiums takes its toll on the body.

If only stage equipment was nice to carry. You can bet your life that your will pass the most beautiful woman in the entire party as you clumber-sly fumbled & stumbled bye with your main amplifier rack what is twice as heavy as the moon.

It's quite a high-risk job really! Doing music equipment hire. But the show must go on!
So a well-stocked firstaid kit is a very good thing to have in van or car. I could save you the trip to the hospital or at least postpone it till after your have finished doing the wedding dj work, for your best hire customer's daughter.

There is the normal thing that goes in there like bandages but also have pain kills, cough syrup it's not good to sound like a robot on the microphone and the last one is pills to stop you going to the toilet.

If you don’t want the last one on the list, make shore you have a triangle bandage in your first aid kit. DJ’s it's not that much money, So go and get one...!.

Yamaha DJX- 2B DJ Mixer.

Yamaha DJX- 2B DJ MixerYamaha DJX - llB is Great tool for Mixing Samples on. It packs in several new and enchanting DJ useable features such as a scratch pad for scratching the patterns, fader to fly-in scratches Pattern player, live effectors, isolator, filter, bpm counter making the mix very simple to mach the beat if you have bpm’s on your other DJ equipment, tap tempo, fader, key shifter, line out and powerful Bass Boost System ports gives the DJX_IIB an awesome flat and punchy sound. The Yamaha DJX- 2B DJ Mixer is an easy to use and master Multi FX Processor Scratch unit with DSP technology. Just the job for layer grooves over your DJ sets. The scratch pad put your fingers on the beat! The awesome scratch pad gives you hands on control over realistic scratches sounding cyber scratches, drum loops and more. If you are an inexperienced musician you will find the DJX Yamaha llB a little tame compared to a full recording studio. But for any professional mobile Disc jockey Entertainer the Yamaha DJX- 2B DJ Mixer is just the trick for your sound system requirements.

Roland MC303 Groovebox

Roland MC303 is a fantastic little DJ machine it’s 'The most important fetchers of This retro styled sequencer MC-303 is its built-in pattern based on an 8 track sequencer. The original DJ groovebox giving dance techno club sound. Having its musical influences from the 303, 808, 909, Jupiter, and Juno.roland mc 303
It can record and send MIDI data via the MIDI jacks on the rear panel, enabling its internal sequencer to control other sound modules, or its internal sound module to be controlled by an external sequencer. There are lots of preset patterns accessible and 50 user patterns to pick from. With to DJ sounds of today you have to be half musician and half producer. A prefixed synthesizer of some variety is a must.Although communication with other devices is possible, the main advantage to the MC-303 with its small size and all-in-one design a self contained mobile studio.Using this Roland MC303 in conjunction with your studio setup you can become a techno rave dance music make. Featuring a micro-keyboard similar to the Rolf Harris Stylophone, that can also be used as a drum sequencer; the MC-303 imitates the handling as well as the look and feel of other famous Roland synthesizers and drum machines such as the MC-202, TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909. The mc303 was specifically targeted towards the home musician and house DJ’S.
The key features of the MC-303 are:
Sound generator with 24 note - voice polyphony, 8-track sequencer (7 pitched instruments and 1 drum kit),16 part timbrality, 448 preset sounds and 12 drum kits, FX and acoustic instruments, Reverb/delay and chorus flanger effects,300 onboard dance music variation patterns such as drumbeats and bass lines, Instant storage of up to 50 user patterns Storage space for up to approximately 14,000 notes, MIDI in and out connections (but no MIDI thru)


KORG KP3 KAOSS PAD X-Y TOUCH PAD MIDI CONTROLLER WITH 128-PROGRAMS, SAMPLING AND EFFECTS DYNAMIC EFFECT SAMPLER + 1 GB card. It is a lot of party fun giving your DJ mixes a lot of options to creativity dynamic effects sounds.
The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad dynamic effects processor is an intuitive interface allowing real time contol over the effects parameters by tapping, touching, or sliding a finger over the touchpad. All this with the disc jockeys own element of creation. A new pad lighting system provides visual display cues to the current running program.
There are now an extra 28 effects programs added to the KP3 pad, for a total of 128 effects programs, including the usual suspects reverbs, flangers and delays as well as some unusual presets like decimator, tone-bender and grain shifter. Drum loops the drum loop is so useful when filling in on a cut mix or a slices, Radius inspired synthesizer sounds and vocoder presets are controlled via the X/Y Kaoss DJ Pad. This is the ultimate disco party sound unit to have on your sound system rental in the Philippines.There is four front panel Sample Bank buttons control the creation, playing saving loops and one-shot samples at 16-bit/48-kHz via 24-bit converters. A Samples can be saved to SD 1 GB Secure Digital card permitting on-board memory capacity of up to 100 16-bit/44.1kHz samples, or can be transferred to a computer using the KP3 rear panel USB interface connection. Included with the Korg Kaoss Pad is a software package containing an audio editor and a sample library there are many sample libraries online to acquire more samples. The software also allows WAV and AIFF file formats to be uploaded into the KP3 Kaoss Pad, The KP3’s sampling system thinks and speaks in the language of music, hiding incredible technology below the surface. With its link to the computer and computer to mixer and back again you can start to do some really good live atmosphere to your mix.
The KAOSS KP3 has a single MIDI In/Out for 16 MIDI channels with a MIDI controller.
Filter (16 types), EQ (2 types), Modulation (12 types), Compressor (2 types), LFO (25 types), Delay (16 types), Reverb (6 types), Grain Shifter (5 types), Loops When creating loop samples, for example, sample length is set in terms of beats, not seconds. (13 types), Sample Effect (7 types), Sample Bank Cross fade (4 types), Drums (6 types), Synthesizer (10 types), Vocoder (4 types.)
Sample Memory:
Up to 16 beats X 4 pads at tempos of 73 BPM and higher
Up to 8 beats X 4 pads at tempos of 72 BPM and lower
100 samples maximum when using SD card

Saturday, December 6, 2008

disco light controllers

Mode Electronics 1 hire unit philippinesMode Electronics U16TS Touch light sequencer and control unit.
Mode Electronics Touch 16 channel sequencer. 0-10v analog output touch, giving 16 on and off's with the correct switch pack. 8 channel Analog dimmer pack. Mode Electronics dimmer pack, 8 channels of analog dimming, either 0-10v or 0-6v, switchable. Model No. WU8HP
Mode Electronics disco hire unit philippinesMode Electronics U8TC Touch light sequencer / control
Mode Electronics Touch 8 channel sequencer. 0-10v analog output touch
Mode Electronics stage lighting hire unit philippines
Mode Electronics U12TCMode Electronics disco philippines

Most of the disco controllers I use on my stage lights are made by Mode lighting. With all the light switching units and slave lighting packs, I can switch lights, chase lighting and do a very nice cross fade dimming. there are about 400 amps in total.
Mode Electronics Limited Established in 1970 is a UK designer and manufacturer of high quality lighting products, club lighting control systems for the club & discotheque industry,

Including commercial and residential dimming systems, electronic transformers, electronic cold cathode converters, DMX control systems and LED lighting systems. Having around 21 – 100 Employees supplying large projects such as (O2 Arena) London’s Millennium Dome. Modes design and development team are knowledgeable in many aspects of electronics. With a R&D facility that is state of the art with multi-disciplinary capabilities and do not need to outsource any part of the development process which keeps the development time to a minimum.
Mode Electronics head office photo Mode’s capabilities and facilities include Hardware and software design, PCB and IMS design, LED circuit and driver design, Mechanical design, Digital circuit design and microprocessor systems, Analogue design, embedded networking with RS232, CAN, RS485, TCP/IP and others, PC software, for windows and web-based platforms.
The Maltings
63 High Street
SG12 9AD
United Kingdom

Friday, December 5, 2008


BULGIN PLUGS are the standard Connector for DJ lighting screens and light boxes. There is a new Generation 4 of the BULGIN PLUG.
Panel Mount Female Circular Connector with 8 poles Max. Rating 6A, 250Vac (per pin) pole-pole 5.2kV max. How to wire up Bulgin plugs. A big problem is there are a number of different wiring configurations adopted by various light controller manufacturers. The one I use is the NJD Lighting of Nottingham wiring standard.
This is a pretty standard wiring (1) the earth or ground (2-3-4-5) the four switching lives (6-7-8) the neutral or the common. If you bye a off the shelf disco light screen check how it is wired up before you plug in the controlling switching unit. It’s nice to put a flying lead on each of your disco boxers with 2 plugs on each box so you can easily and quickly setup your light show and will give a better versatility of display configurations adapting to the venues requiems. Some times there’s no room to swing a cat, and every DJ must no exactly what in mean.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday night lights season 3 episode 9 episode 10

Friday night lights season 3 episode 9What lighting and lights will we use on the Friday nights disco hire?
Full videos screen to display the 3 season episode 9 flood lights. Friday nights light will have to look good.

New Night clubs in Baguio city

Classic downtown dance spot is to reopen in the city of Baguio.
The dance floor will be armed with the best soundsystem in the city of Baguio. A to night for watching Baguio rock bands groups breaking down the boundaries in cross-pollination of all kinds of symphony orchestral mystic sounds and harmonic overtones. Breaking new ground is a free rock band from the mainstream of the general run of the mill rock band music in the Philippines. Local restaurant Baguio and outside bar will be proving the food and refreshments at the new dance disco house. The club will be marinating together a precarious balance of waitress and club girls to run the venue. The club is going to be Providing a different nightlife brand, different flavors of nightclub sounds in Bagiuo City. The roll we are playing in all of this is to be the Event Designers installer of the all the surround sound equipment cabinets high-tech devices, such as light effects, large video screens, laser system.

Disco Philippines

The west end Cafe Royal Regent Street London discoSo many cowboys operating disco you need to be certain that you are getting an exceptional quality mobile disco in the Philippines. So you can Let your hair down under the mirror ball and dance the night away. If you are looking to hire an exceptional quality mobile disco Baguio city or in the surrounding area of Benguet, we are suppliers of quality PA Systems professional sound equipment, laser, bubble machine, smoke machine and provide the most technologically in live rock band stage lighting. We have vast experience in all kinds of lighting and sound hire work. Playing some of England’s biggest night clubs bars, hotels and theme parks.International dj at the cafe royal London west end conferences room
Its the Disco Philippines International mission to provide wide range of the latest DJ Equipment to your kids party, children’s discos, engagement, wedding, birthdays, anniversary, promotions and retirement, Christmas or New Years Eve Party. The ultimate disco party guaranteed to be successful so people will be chatting about it for weeks after. Disco Philippines supplies an International DJ that has played at the world famous cafe royal London in the food banquet hall facilities a large conferences room for dinner dances events, the lavish Empire Napoleon suite.Lavish Empire Napoleon suite cafe royal London dance floor
That is the most prestige’s banqueting and ballroom venue in London right in the heart of London’s west end near Piccadilly Circus. Cafe royal has been a London landmark since 1865.
We were chosen to do the Thursday Friday & Saturday on the week before Christmas. All the three photos were taken in the cafe royal London 68 Regent Street, London

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bad club & bad girls club no oxygen to breath

BAD CLUB & Bad Girls Club NO Oxygen To breath
The two young bad girls dirty danced the night away Nikki and her beautiful friend Cordellia put on such a wild live show that all the club Romeo’s did not have ample Oxygen to breathe in the excitement of it all. This wild west disco extravaganzas last about 30 mints. You all ways get some Bad Girls on the Club and disco seen at every venue.

Vintage disco special effects lighting

Clay Paky were one of the original discotheque retro club lighting producers in the 1980's disco seen they released the clay paky golden scan, at the disco vintage this was a top special effects it the intelligent lighting realm. If you were one of the proud owners of the clay paky stage scan system you would look disco king of the vintage disco providers.
Clay paki now make a wide range of clay lighting produces. I am a big fan of the clay paky VIP 300. The clay paky stage astrospider displayed in the picture is one of my favorite vintage disco lights. I first saw this light at the roller disco in Peterborough Cambridgeshire this was a roller skating disco with over 2000 people on a promotion night. At the roller disco UK. Every one would be dressed in vintage disco clothing or acid house retro disco fashion or sixties disco
The rollerblading disco was not a place to turn up in normal clothing, the more outrageous the better just go in a cool disco costumes or hippie disco clothing. At 10 o’clock at night it would be the light show roller disco display and the Clay Paky astrospider lighting light fixtures would come into there own. There were about 8 of these vintage funky lighting effects. They would fill the whole roller rink with smoke from the smoke machine, there was 4 smoke machines in all giving a dry ice fog haze visual effects fog across the skating rink. The Clay Paky astrospider is old stage lighting but would still be very useable in any night club or party venue to this day, the quality of its make and manufacture does shine through.
Lampo lighting is another old lighting company of great regency and style with the lampo zippers, lampo UFO 1 and 2, lampo whirly wheel 1 and 2. For Light and PA lampo is a really good addition to your professional outdoor lighting equipment. The lampo whirly wheel 1 uses low voltage outdoor lighting in it rotating head running on a three axis motor system, this club light requires a 4 channel lighting controller to run the effect. It is the same as the UFO but has a different head on the spinning light. One of my friends in England has a lampo for his patio lighting, yes this is very over the top for outdoor lights but that’s what he likes. There are so many 60's disco and vintage 1970's disco lighting that still have there place in the world of DMX.

Arc Line strobe lighting cool disco bar show

Arc Line we have 58 meter's blue 24 meter green 12 meters red and 10 meter's pink very nice to see up high on the trilite stage rig over the dance floor. Each one of the mode electronics 2m Arcline strobe lighting tubes has 4 strobelight xenons.

Bar band disco hire equipment Philippines Luzon branch.

martin disco light disco hire baguio city
martin voyager disco light baguio city baguio hire a dicso
2 Martin Voyager and destroyer stage searchlight Voyager is a projects flashlight through a color gobo wheel and onto a rotating disc reflector. The light is focused through an optical lens to create an changing lighting effect with colors changing to the beats, gobos and beam rotation mixing pattern to the beat of the music. The spinning disc creates a wide angle of light with streams of beams effectively filling the projection on dance the floor area . The Voyager has 19 gobos 11 full diachronic and 3 split dichroic colors + 6 white. The Voyager is totally self-contained not DMX, reacting in time to the beat without the need for an external control.
575 Krypton martin stage light disco hire baguio city lighting pic 12 units Martin Mac 575 Krypton lights 575 W discharge torch 2 x 8 position color wheels plus open Motorized zoom and focus Mechanical dimming 9 static and 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism, blue Flight Case
Optikinetics trilite truss frame for stage hire baguiocity disco pic
Optikinetics trilite stage frame Philippines hire baguio city disco pic

One of the leading providers of aluminium truss, lighting gantry, trilite, tri lite and lighting truss for hire in Philippines dj and disco stuff. The Optikinetics trilite Series 200 Truss frame rig H.4m * W.6m *L.7m is the original aluminium truss Structural system for stage lighting hire equipment. OPTI Trilite truss Series 200 is used in most Exhibition, Retail and Entertainment applications in England. This 200 Ladders Truss – Trilite is very strong and robust in its structure. The aluminium truss lighting gantry can be arranged into much different type of configurations for different set-ups e.g. Pinoy fashion show, a new product launch or a concert music live performance.

strobe lighting disco hire baguio city hire stock pic We carry in our hire rental stock a large selection of flood stadium lighting strobes for the disco hire equipment use in all your ultimate dance audition shows and for the best development staging production can provide, with quality colours flashing disco strobe lighting 24 units in stock and 300 meters of mode electronics arcline sys in 4 colors. Second hand vintage strobe light and new luxury club strobe light systems available for trilite mobile concert stage or bar resort installations.
peavey Hi Sys 15 black widow driver 350w RMS A pair of Hi Sys speakers, these have a 15" black widow driver that can handle 350w RMS or 600 w Peak. Good for small dj speaker or outdoor event dance shows and fashion paradise.
disco lights par 56 hire lights baguio disco pic Fully transportable in dj disco hire equipment flight cases the Pinoy live band lights par 64 1000W and par 56 300W flood cans 32 units of each. Good for roll and rock live band Philippines Luzon Island and Baguio city high up on a Luzon mountain.
Dj Showtec Galaxy 1200 Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light. Dj Showtec Galaxy, Club Disco Lighting Centre Piece Light.The Galaxy 1200 is a state of the art centrepiece with a bright HMI-1200SA bulb gobo wheel contains 7 glass colors gobo's, made by dj Showtec lighting.