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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disco Dj outdoor games party danger.

Remember to make sure your next Dj outdoor games party mobile disco show performance is not your last one. Even a very small electrical current racing through your body can kill you, It takes only one twentieth of an amp, or 50 mA to cause pain, paralysis of the chest muscles and upset your heartbeat Rhythm. The higher the current, the more dangerous and quicker are the effects. This is why it is advisable to carry an RCD (Residual Current Device). This might be alternatively referred to as an earth leakage circuit breaker. This gadget, when connected to the electricity supply can detect even a very small leakage of a current to earth and will automatically switch off the supply if that leakage reaches 30mA - the maximum you can normally take without any lasting effects, RCD's have become essential to gardeners safety in the past few years to protect them when using electrical lawn mowers and power tools. Equally, they should similarly be essential for party outdoor disco entertainers who regularly ply Their Trade in a marquee garden disco old music halls and venues, and are unfamiliar with the safety of the electrical supply they will be using I bet the majority do not even trouble to make a simple check of all available sockets with a Martindale Socket Tester.Martindale Socket Tester for dj venue electrical safety This Inexpensive device resembles a normal 13 amp plug and a set of three lamps within shows how sale (or otherwise) the socket is to use. An RCD should be viewed as a back-up, if it does shut off the external power supply voltage; it is a sign that there Is a fault somewhere which needs to be rectified by a qualified electrician. Never be tempted lo bypass an RCD in order to restore the voltage supply.There are many reasons why an RCD trips in, Interrupting the power supply output. It could be for example, that a cable has beer damaged, exposing bare live wires. It could be that certain items of your pop disco music equipment have been wrongly banded together so that the outside parts have become live. Even roadshow hire equipment which does not have a power supply circuits can become dangerous, if you are holding a vocal microphone for example, the muscles in your hand could contract, making it impossible for you to throw it down to the dance floor! It is of paramount importance, therefore, that regular inspection maintenance of lighting and sound systems repair work is carried out by a suitable qualified person such as an electrician. It is something you cannot skimp upon or ignore - your life could depend on it.

One of the most common causes of a lack of electrical safety is the disregard of earth connections. Any Item which is mains powered should be either double Insulated or correctly furnished with a protective earth. When a number of Items of your theatrical lighting and sound equipment are linked together you sometimes find that wire screens, joined together with protective earths, will form earth loops which result in an annoying 50Hz - 60Hz humming sound. Do not be tempted to disconnect the earths to eliminate this hum. It is a far safer practice to re-arrange your power cables so that they do not crisscross. Keep your power cables separate from the pro xlr audio leads. If there are in your Dj Flight box case Ecler bose Yamaha audio amplifiers with metal casers don’t have them touching each other so the audio amplifier circuit will not cause earth loop to one-another. You can isolate them with a thin piece of wood and fix them to the Dj Flight box with plastic screws. It should improve the situation greatly and prolong the life-span of your top tweeters because they don’t like to sing the low 50Hz song at all.
Extension leads for dj outdoor party venue hireEXTEMSION LEADS
Extension leads are another area where many dj outdoor venue accidents can occur after laps setting up of active powered sound speaker placement and electrical leads. An extension lead seems to be a relatively simple thing to put together and you can usually knock one up cheaper than you can purchase one • a length of cable with a 13 amp plug at one end and one or more sockets at the other. If only it was that simple! If you really must make your own then make sure the cable is not old, because there may possibly be breaks in it. Also check it is of the right size to power whatever it is you intend connecting to it. All electrical cable should be color coded - blue for neutral, brown for live and green and yellow for earth. If your cable does not conform to this colour coded standard, either consult a qualified electrician or throw it away and get a length of cable that does. An extension lead should always be fully unwound when in use to avoid overheating, even if it does look untidy. Only fully extended leads are capable of carrying the full current capacity of the cable.

Fuses are another aspect that I believe mobile disco dj party danger areas are a prevalent hot potato; it’s a crying shame in which many of us, if not all of us are guilty of Infringement. Purchase a 13 amp plug and you'll find it contains a 13 amp fuse. Why? How many of us change it for the correctly rated fuse applicable to the PA appliance for which it is intended? Very few, I suspect. The fuse itself is a safety device and if your hire PA appliance to which it is implemented develops a fault, the fuse blows and switches it off. A fuse which is rated too highly will not work effectively. It will probably blow after the appliance has been damaged, or given you beastly critical dynamite shock! The disco manual will advise you on the recommended fuse to be used for each lighting appliance.
Aluminum dj T-Bars stand for special effect light rigsOUTDOOR PARTY LIGHTING
Unless specifically designed for the use at low levels, spot lighting rigs should be placed high enough on the light gantry truss as to be out of reach of both the live stage performances and the audience on the dance floor. Overhead cables should be supported throughout their length, if not to the par can lighting rig then to a straining wire. Wherever possible, the electrical supply to such special effect light rigs should be taken from a socket which is separate from that used for pro audio equipment and the loud speaker placement. RCD's may not always be appropriate for dj lighting circuits as some types of dimmer controls have a relatively high electrical leakage. Other dimmers produce a direct current which can have the effect of desensitizing some types of RCD. This is why it is advisable to separate your custom audio and lighting equipment power supplies. However RCDs are recommended for circuits supplying dj party outdoor lighting lanterns and open-air display applications.
Mobile discos in particular make extensive use of aluminum T-Bars stands, DJ goal posts, and an assortment of aluminium stage trussing. Outdoor party lighting fitted to such rigs should be individually coupled by plugs and sockets. IEC models are ideal. This makes it easier to isolate any single unit before changing bulbs. The metalwork of both the individual lights as will as the bar, to which it is affixed should be adequately connected to a protective earth conductor. All the g clamp light effects should have a safety chain fitted to the unit’s chassis. Have a good once-over to see if all the bulbs are screwed in firmly even tinny xenon egg strobe bulbs can give a nasty crack on the head.
Marquee disco dj outdoor games party dangerWORKING DJ OUTDOOR PARTYS
Finally an area which is fraught with the dj outdoor games party danger for the unprepared DJ is the outdoor showground or marquee gig. Damp grass, generator power, the over-use of extension leads from the house power supplies the whole situation can be decidedly dodgy for the unwary. An outside marquee disco generator can kill as effectively as mains power and I'm not referring to them falling on your head the main precaution to take is the provision of an earth spike. This is a copper rod which should be driven into the ground some twelve to twenty four inches. If the ground is very dry, then a quantity of water should be poured over it to reduce the earth Impedance to a low level. Try to keep all electrical connections such as plugs and sockets off the damp bare grass where you could be dancing.
You have only one life. There is no rehearsal or second chance with the outdoor games party dangers, so it makes sense to take positive steps to ensure the wedding outdoor venue equipment you are using is safe. At whatever cost.
It’s not worth gambling your life...... IS IT.

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